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New Trainer Designs and customization(?) topic

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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#1
These designs definitely are not meant to be children under 15 years old. I'm loling at CoroCoro's description of them being "Sporty".

In other news, I'm looking at the profile pics of the characters on this page:

And seeing boxes to choose emocons or some sort of thing. Unfortunately the text is too small for me to read the fine print, but I'm hoping that if there is customization, there's more to it than that.
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User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#2
I think you're only going to be able to choose between those three designs in the boxes.
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User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#3
Can anyone read the text in there?

User Info: Probit_Return

4 years ago#4
If, and this is a big if, if the customization is limited to just three options that change hair and skin, and looking closer, eye color (and the page seems to indicate it's not even a separate choice), then this just seems like a waste of space to me. This is supposed to be Pokemon's big jump to 3D, meaning they can do more work with less effort, and all they give us are palette swaps, something they still could have done with sprites.

Unless this is just the beginning, and we'll see more later about this feature later, it's because I suspected stuff like this would happen that made me say I'd rather them just stick with sprites. I know people are excited about it, and I'm happy for them that they're happy, but in my opinion, it just feels half assed. I know it's a start, but it's such a minuscule step, why bother? I doubt that this small little thing will suddenly mean we can stop assigning the characters generic classes for multiplayer interaction. It does encourage ethnic diversity, but in the end, it's only three colors, and two of them are still white (one pale and one not so pale). This coming from an incredibly white guy.

Eh, if I go on any longer, I'll just go into huge wall of text super rantsville (rather than just a standard rant), so I'll end this for now. Just my opinion, but that's what the internet is for right? Sharing opinions and discussing them?
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