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Four new Pokemon speculation

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User Info: ScepterOfLove

4 years ago#1
Yancham: Two stage evolution. Its final form will look like a panda version of Urasing/Beartic. Maybe fatter. It will stay pure fighting type. Anyone else hope it uses bamboo as swords?

Yayakoma: Basic three stage regional bird line. Stays normal/flying. Its feather will evolve into its prominent 'feature' (Staraptor and his mohawk, Pidgeot and his hair, etc). Ash will catch it in the anime (obviously).

Elikiteru: This could be either two or three stages. I'm guessing it will be available in early routes and ultimately have weak stats. I think its normal typing will change to another type (possibly dark?). I think Ash or one of his companion's will catch one in the anime.

Gogoat: Two stage evolution. Its final form will look just like it but taller with more grass on its body. It will have good stats and be available around the third or fourth gym. Stays pure grass.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#2
I imagine that Gogoat is either a single form Pokemon or that he IS the final form and we'll see his pre-evolved form down the line.

Elekitail I imagine being two or three

The bird I could actually just see being two (more like Hoothoot/Swellow/Spearow rather than Pidgey/Pidove/Starly)

Panda will probably be 2, and yeah, I think it'll end up being like Ursaring or Beartic. I could see it staying pure fighting, but just based on its appearance and description, I wouldn't be surprised if it became Fighting/Dark
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#3
Panda: Two stage evolution, perhaps culminating in a Fighting/Flying? I could see it almost having a "glider"; Attacker

Birdy: Two stage evolution, and in a rare twist, Fire/Flying in its final form; Sp. Attacker

Lizard: Two stage evolution, ending in Electric/Dark type; Mixed attacker

Gogoat: No evolution, available mid-game, Grass type; Attack, Defense
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User Info: Mudkip43

4 years ago#4
Gogoat is a final evolution itself or a standalone
Elekitail will evolve twice
Yamcha will evolve once
Yayakoma will evolve twice
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User Info: Nomytaker

4 years ago#5
Po: Two stage. Most bear pokemon seem to be a two stage job. Would like a three stage, but two seems more common (I know Patterns on pokemon.)

Derpard: Hoping the Normal type changes to something cooler....but no idea. I'm gonna plug Fire, since I always wanted a Fire/Electric. Hopefully three stager.

Robbin: While I would like a three stager, my money is on Two. No reason, just gut feeling.

Gogoat. While I'd liked him to be a three stager, I can see it being a non evo pokemon.
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User Info: R0cks0l1dd

4 years ago#6
Panda: Evolves into Fighting/Dark or Fighting/Grass

Bird: Stays Normal/Flying or becomes Fire/Flying due being knowing knowing Flame Charge. The fact that they used that move instead of a Flying move looks like a hint.

Goat: Looks like a standalone Pokemon from how it's being showcased as being able to ride it.

Lizard: Derp. Probably will get a second type that replaces Normal because I can't see it not evolving.
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User Info: ScepterOfLove

4 years ago#7
I've read a theory that the lizard will become electric/steel with solar panels for a frill which sounds awesome.
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