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The male trainer looks hella lame >_>

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  3. The male trainer looks hella lame >_>

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#51
LSSJ3Vegitto posted...
He's not bad. DP was worse.

I only play the girls anyway. And the girl in this is pretty. Zettai Ryouki is an instant win for me.

Is everyone on these boards a weeaboo?
I am the only true Pokemon fan. If you can't accept this, take your jealousy away from my presence.

User Info: TheWayofPie

4 years ago#52
The reason he's lame is because it's the exact same color scheme as the last two protags. Boring!
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User Info: Pinxed

4 years ago#53
Maybe this gen you can be any MC from any past game!

User Info: Chiron11

4 years ago#54
The problem is that his clothes are all the same colour, looks like he's wearing a full body suit... The boots and collar also don't help.

For me, coolest looking PC goes:

Red (RB) = Hilbert (BW) > Brendan (E) > Ethan (GS) > Nate (BW2) > Lucas (Pt) > XY
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User Info: zeldagamer2123

4 years ago#55
I agree that the male trainer in this game looks kind of boring. Maybe I go against my tradition and pick the female trainer in this one.
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  3. The male trainer looks hella lame >_>

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