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What will you remember each Gen for?

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User Info: PSOLavis

4 years ago#81
Gen 1: The beginning of it all
Gen 2: Holy crap, look at all the new stuff
Gen 3: Woah, 3 ubers!
Gen 4: least darkrai makes up for you
Gen 5: Wow, there is so much dumb in this game

User Info: ElectricNova

4 years ago#82
Gen 1: The beginning/Missingno
Gen 2: Ecruteak/Nostalgia
Gen 3: Water/Abiltiies
Gen 4: Mt Friggin Coronet
Gen 5: N'S farewell/Ending theme
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#83
First things that come to mind.

Gen I: Arbitrarily dividing all Pokémon into "Jungle" and "Fossil" groups after the TCG sets of the same name.
Gen II: Half squishy Pokémon, half quasi-Egyptian Pokémon (Sneasel, Eeveelutions)
Gen III: Dat Battle Frontier.
Gen IV: Make ALL the Pokémon blue and brown!
Gen V: Urban and modern.

User Info: professortree

4 years ago#84
gen 1 - lavender town theme
gen 3 - didn't play it
gen 4 - The Doctor a.k.a. Looker
gen 5 - N
gen 6 - Chespin master race

User Info: KuzuryuSubaru

4 years ago#85
Gen 1 - Never got to play it till Gen 4. By then, I had already played 3 Generations so it didn't have the same effect it would on me compared to someone who had it as a first Pokemon game. Still a classic, of course.

Gen 2 - Gold was my childhood, and second video game I played (the first was good old Mario). I probably put more time into my Gold than any other game, even after 13 years of gaming (I'm 20 now).

Gen 3 - My personal favourite Gen. All those new features that I loved (Competitions, Secret bases, diving), my favourite character and pokemon designs, the beautiful colours, the open oceans. Pretty much everything.

Gen 4 - I didn't find Gen 4 very memorable. I liked the designs and art style, but it felt very...generic. Nothing really new. It was a solid game and solid sequel, but it didn't really try anything new besides the revamped graphics.

Gen 5 - Love/ Hate Pokemon designs. I love many of the designs (Samurott especially), and some of them I really hate (especially Tympole). Tried out lots of new things. Put a larger emphasis on story, had some great characters. Also, delicious Hilda.

Gen 6 - Until now, Torchic was my favourite starter. Now he has been dethroned by Fennekin and Chespin, who are now fighting for first and second place while poor Torchic is in 3rd. I really like some of the new designs, especially Sylveon. Gamefreak are trying out lots of new features. Am really looking forward to it.
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User Info: Hitman1102

4 years ago#86
Gen 1: Making fun of my friends for playing this childish game until they finally got me to play it and I was hooked

Gen 2: Bought Gold the last day Nobody Beats the Whiz was in business. That how I'll remember 2

Gen 3: My interest wained in the series and I never gave it it's just due...aside from FireRed which I played the hell out of later on

Gen 4: My buddy talked me into getting Platinum and my love for the series was reinvigorated

Gen 5: A new beginning
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User Info: VideoGameXV

4 years ago#87
Gen I: Gary Mother******* Oak.
Gen II: Ho-oh/Lugia.
Gen III: Water, Surfing, Water, Surfing.
Gen IV: Distortion World
Gen V: Derpy Stunfisk
Gen VI: France
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User Info: jfx_zero

4 years ago#88
Gen 1: Surfing along Cinnabar to do the MissingNo. glitch
Gen 2: I remember the very first night I played it on my birthday and got my first Pokemon, Totodile. (This was my first game, didn't play Red until after) I also remember thinking how badass I was for evolving it into Feraligatr the second day having the game.
Gen 3: I remember picking Treecko, and the next memorable part was trying to beat Maxie on the volcano while on my way to school one morning.
Gen 4: Going into the underground for the first time in Eterna city.
Gen 5: I remember the first day going in a group of friends to get the game, funny that post-highschool was the only time I ever got to do that, haha.

Can't wait to create some memorable moments with Gen 6! :]
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User Info: fahademon

4 years ago#89
Gen 1:Introduction to Video games/Dat Pikachu
Gen 2:My favourite poke/Red battle
Gen3:Water...Water everywhere...
Gen4:First Completion of Pokedex/Dat distortion World/Pokeathlon and the awesomeness of Gen2 remakes
Gen5:Competitive Battling and Wifi Trading
Gen6:France <3
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User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#90
Gen 1: Defeating the Elite Four for the first time and finding out that my rival had already become champion.
Gen 2: Fighting Red at the top of Mt. Silver after defeating all the gym leaders from Kanto.
Gen 3: Mt. Pyre and the Champion Steven fight.
Gen 4: Cyrus, Giratina, Champion Cynthia, and the post game content.
Gen 5: Team Plasma and the Elite Four
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