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What will you remember each Gen for?

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User Info: Cloud75x

4 years ago#91
gen 1 - the show, the card game, and everything else related to the pop culture explosion
gen 2 - color! and the expansion of the first gen (and how they related to one another)
gen 3 - the overhypeness of it all, but I loved the graphics upgrade and overall system upgrades
gen 4 - first one that felt like it left the older gens (1 & 2) behind and carved its own path (1-3 all shared the same pokemon, gen 4 actually felt like it had 151 of its own and did not need the oldies)
gen 5 - a step forward following gen 4 into a what I like to can "next gen" pokemon game.
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User Info: bksonic123

4 years ago#92
Gen 1: Starting it all
Gen 2: 16 badges
Gen 3: Latios
Gen 4: Global Trade Station
Gen 5: Don't remember

User Info: bigtim777

4 years ago#93
R/B/Y: The core of pokemon, Safari Zone and Blue
G/S/C: Most area's of any generation, the train and Day-Night circle
R/S/E: Diving, the music, rainy forests, making a base and the battle frontier
D/P/Pt: Cynthia, team Galactic, most legendary pokemon and mount Coronet
B/W(2): Most interesting story, N, the music and it even has a sequel
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User Info: Mudkip43

4 years ago#94
Gen I: Missingno
Gen II: Whitney's Miltank/Traveling to Kanto
Gen III: Music and Battle Frontier
Gen IV: Lucario and Struggling to beat Cynthia in Diamond
Gen V: Animated Sprites/First Generation to have sequels
Gen VI: 3D Models
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User Info: Wallydraigle

4 years ago#95
1. Charizard
2. Tiny new region with lame rework of old region.
3. Fans crying that this wasn't exactly like gen 2.
4. Fans crying that this wasn't exactly like gen 2.
5, Fans crying that this wasn't exactly like gen 2.
6. Fans crying that this wasn't exactly like gen 2.
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User Info: Aruaruu

4 years ago#96
1. Glitches.
2. More Pokemon?
3. Battle Frontier/ Music/ Route 119/ ROM hacks
4. Hilarious GTS offers and ruining peoples obvious cloning attempts.
5. Music was pretty lame.


4 years ago#97
Gen 1: Sabrina
Gen 2: Feraligatr
Gen 3: May
Gen 4:Dawn
Gen 5: Skyla and Elesa!!
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User Info: Zabie_W

4 years ago#98
Gen I: The one that began all, Raichu and Dragonite
Gen II: The one where I spent the most time playing
Gen III: Gardevoir and that feeling of being the only one in my gropu of friends who managed to get a Feebas
Gen IV: Where I lost hope in pokemon, the games where extremely boring (I might have to give a try to Platinum though).
Gen V: The one I skipped for a year and a half but when I decided to play it brought back my hope in pokémon, also Chandelure and Victini. And after playing some competitive battles made me apreciate some Gen IV designs (Leafeon) so this one could also be called "The one that makes me want to belive in Gen IV"

User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#99
Bump for some more responses
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User Info: shadowysea07

4 years ago#100
gen 1 turtles rule the world
gen 2 stupid mom taking my money
gen 3 double battles and shadow pokemon ^O^
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