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Gogoat is so far my favorite new Pokemon

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User Info: MissCarriage

4 years ago#1
I love goats, sheep, and deer, so I LOVE this new addition. So excited! The Gen. 5 Sawsbuck and Ampharos for me!
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User Info: TheMightyGuardi

4 years ago#2
No, His name is gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogoat.
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User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#3
Gogoat power rangers.

Hes cool, though I still like the mascots a little better.
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User Info: darkdragongirl

4 years ago#4
he looks awful. It would of been better, but he looks dumb with that grass on his body. Sure he is a grass type, but.....I dislike it.

The panda is cool. It will probably have a shape between Ursaring and Beartic.

Also, I like the Kiwi/Robin bird a bit now.

Gogoat, and Elecyuck can Gogo to hell.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#5
My favorite of gen 6 pokemon is so far yveltal. best picture to ever face the interwebs.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#6
The goat is by far the best new one. I also like the lizard. The bird plain sucks, the panda is okay and the three starters are kinda meh, though I have hopes for the frog.
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User Info: M4nnimal

4 years ago#7
Pandalinquent is my favorite. I'm not super keen on ol' Gogurt, tbh.
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User Info: Infernus93

4 years ago#8
I was kind of hoping for a mountain goat with Ice or Rock typing, but Gogoat is definitely a frontrunner for this gen so far - which says a lot, since I'm pretty keen on most of the designs.
I like Monster Rancher.

User Info: StirFriday

4 years ago#9
Fennekin > Gogoat > Yvetal

User Info: Nomytaker

4 years ago#10
Only design that I haven't really liked is the Derpard (Electric Lizard) Looked more like a dog to me, than a lizard. Just hope it's evo's (assuming it gets them) looks better.

Gogoat, Robbin, and Po, look bad-ass as hell. Will hopefully be team member. My plans for teams usually change as I'm actually playing the game. Like in Black when it first came out, I had planned to use Purrloin, but I struggled using her in battle, plus I had a Sandile (which originally I didn't plan on using). Sandile turned into a beast of a pokemon, and Purrloin, sadly I might add, was dropped.

So far I liked most of the sixth gen. Which is pretty good going.
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