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Thoughts on New Pokemon Leaks + Poll

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User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#1
Who's your favorite 6th Gen (nonlegendary) pokemon? - Results (219 votes)
10.96% (24 votes)
9.13% (20 votes)
19.18% (42 votes)
10.5% (23 votes)
7.31% (16 votes)
22.83% (50 votes)
12.79% (28 votes)
7.31% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I have every confidence this has all been beaten to death by now, but I have a compulsive need to make my own topic for collecting the opinions on the new pokemon and functions while sharing my own, since there doesn't appear to be a single collaborative topic (or if there is, it's faded into obscurity already). So feel free to comment what you think about each of the following subjects.

Gogoat) Cool pokemon, but most likely a stand-alone, since I can't envision a decent-looking evolution. A pre-evo, on the other hand, would be pretty cute.

Elikiteru) Don't really like how it looks, but it'll probably have an evolution that's less derpy. Parabola Charge sounds interesting and has some potential, so let's hope it's not totally restricted to this little lizard... thing.

Yayakoma) I was skeptical and wasn't fond if it at first, but it's growing on me. I can only hope the ability to use Flame Charge is evidence it will evolve into a Fire/Flying later on, which greatly improves my chances of using it in my main team.

Yancham) This one I hold the most hope for; I don't often use fighting types on my main teams, but I like the looks of this one. I'll be using Chespin, so as long as Yancham doesn't evolve into a Grass or Dark type, it's golden.

Custom Characters) We already knew there would be some level of customization, and though the recent news shows there isn't a whole lot, it's certainly a step forward and will make some people more comfortable with their characters.

Riding) This is something I've wanted since at least Gen 3: the ability to ride a pokemon. It doesn't seem there's been confirmation it's restricted to cities yet, or even restricted to Gogoat. If that turns out to be the case... I'll be disappointed, but it's progress. Maybe the next installation will have us blazing trails across the region on Rapidash.
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User Info: KiRAWRa

4 years ago#2
(Part 1/2)
I haven't researched much into the moves or types of the newest Pokemon, so as an artist/character designer I only have opinions thus far on their aesthetic aspects.

Fennekin (Fire Starter)
Definitely a fan favorite, but not one I'm too attached too personally. It's undeniably adorable and the Pokemon style gives it a bit of flare (haha), but it's honestly nothing more than an especially fluffy fennec fox. I'm hoping that it's evolutions are more creative in design and it doesn't just end up being a fluffball.

Chespin (Grass Starter)
Probably my favorite non-legendary so far. I think Chespin is a great example of what makes a good Pokemon - a creature that is based loosely on a real animal, but has enough creativity that it becomes something else entirely. It's obviously based off a chipmunk, or a mole, or a living horse chestnut, but it's not really just any of those things in particular - it's a Pokemon. I'm quite tired of just seeing regular animals drawn in a Pokemon style. I don't want animals drawn in a Pokemon style, I want [i]Pokemon[/i].
Very much looking forward to the evolutions of this guy. Due to his uniqueness, I feel there are many different directions his design could go. I'm hoping for some kind of armadillo.

Froakie (Water Starter)
Another really cute one. His little neck cloud is interesting and I'm curious to see how that plays into his evolutions. Originally I thought his nose was a little mustache and now I can't unsee it. Personally I'm completely burnt out by the high number of frogs and turtles in Pokemon, but Froakie is more appealing to me than some of the others.

Sylveon (Eevee Evolution)
Still completely stumped as to what it's typing could be, but I'm convinced it's got to be something new (otherwise I don't see the point in keeping it secret). I've heard talk of it's bows and ribbons being a bit over the top, and while it does look busier in comparison to some of the other eeveelutions, I think it's actually quite balanced. It has very nice color spaces and I think the simplicity of the stripe pattern helps tone it down.

Xerneas and Yveltal (Legendaries)
Very impressed by these two legendaries. I find everything about both designs to be well thought out and tasteful. Xerneas seems to have a strangely simplistic body, but I believe that is intentional in order to give his flashy horns more attention. Yveltal is quite a lot more dressed up but not over the top in any way. They both give me 2nd gen vibes and I love it, mostly with Yveltal looking like a good Lugia companion.

User Info: KiRAWRa

4 years ago#3
(Part 2/2)

Newtwo? (Mewtwo Form)
I was truly hoping this would be a new Pokemon and not just a new form, since I'd like them to just leave gen 1 alone at this point. Not much to say about it, I do like it even though some of the head ornamentation is strange. Not sure what the purpose of the horns or head ring is, but I believe Mewtwo is meant to be quite "alienish" anyway, so I don't think it hurts the overall look at all. Just a bald head would make it look like a wind sock, haha. I do wish the toes had a different shape to them, as they are now I just want to pluck them off as they remind me of grapes or something.

Yanchamu (Pandabear)
It may be that I haven't had much time to "warm up" to these newest Pokemon, but I am not particularly stricken with any of them. I know many people have been craving a "red panda", and I feel the opportunity was missed with this one. I can't get the thought of Kung-fu panda out of my head after discovering he's fighting type. Nothing about his design is particularly bad, but nothing particularly good either. Another case of "just an animal in Pokemon style" to me.

Yayakoma (Roadrunner?)
Same as above. I believe this is meant to be the "generic" bird of the region, but this little guy is so generic and simplistic that it hurts. I like the shape of his tail father, but I desperately wish he was more than just a bulbous head with stick legs.

Erikiteru (Lizard thing)
I tend to like Pokemon more when I can't figure out what they're supposed to be, since that usually means more originality. Even though this guy's design is pretty simple, he's still unique and is my favorite of the newest four. His head is strangely large in comparison to his body, but that might be for the lack of good quality images right now. I'm also not sure what the lines across his face are meant to be for. He seems to be similar in concept to Scraggy, which was another Pokemon I thought was well designed.

Gogoto (Goat)
I'm... pretty stumped as to what they were going for with this one. There are a lot of contrasting elements that I find very unappealing on this Pokemon. It has a mountainous look, but a foresty color palette, and the green just absolutely kills it for me. The niche for forest grazers has already been filled by Sawsbuck and Stantler, so a snowy/mountainous goat would have been awesome. I feel like the entire design would be much more unified both in color and shape if not for the out of place green bushy mane thing. A very good example of what happens when you try to force too many colors onto a simple design. Perhaps it will change in look with the seasons like Sawsbuck, we'll have to see.

Hopefully this wasn't too boring of a read, just thought this topic would be a good place to write out some of my more meticulous opinions. You asked for just the newest Pokemon, but the poll included all of them so I thought I just might as well talk about them all! I have to say that I'm becoming less and less excited with each new revealed Pokemon since they seem to be getting less interesting as we go. Hoping they're just saving the best for last!

User Info: CyD13

4 years ago#4
Really like your thought process, OP, and I especially agree with you on Chespin and his ambiguity. Chespin is definitely my favorite starter, and that's who I'll be going with.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#5
Since you fine people are writing mini-essays I thought I'd contribute my own :)

Chespin - 8/10
I thought he was decent to begin with but he's grown on me since. At first I just saw a mix between Emolga (face), Petilil (green leafy head) and Sandshrew (feet and tail), but somehow it all fits together nicely, and he has a great deal of evolutionary potential.

Fennekin - 8/10
Clearly always going to be the fan favourite, I really like the simplicity of the design and again there's a lot of potential evo-wise just as long as it doesn't become too effeminate or too, y'know, Fire/Fighting. Plus, Fire is my favourite type so Fennekin has an immediate headstart.

Froakie - 8/10
It may just be because I absolutely love frogs, but I really liked this guy at first sight and I still really like him now. Nice clean and simple design and bright and bold colours. I can see his design going wrong in many ways though; he may become lanky and awkward, or fat and ugly. I hope he ends up somewhere in the middle but for now I really like him. Best bunch of starters since Gen III in my opinion.

Yayakoma - 7/10 (Robin, right? Not good with Japanese names, especially as two of them begin with "Ya")
I know this guy's come in for a lot of stick already but I think he looks pretty good. Simple and honest, more Taillow than Starly. He may learn Flame Charge but I don't see the Normal/Flying tradition ending. I suspect he'll end up fat in his later evolutions, but for now I think he's a cool little guy. Better than the Pidove line by far.

Elikiteru - 6/10
I'm kinda split on this guy. He seems awkward, like he'd topple over due to the size of his head. Even though there are a lot of big-headed Pokémon they're at least usually designed in a physics-obeying manner. I kinda like his typing though, and who knows, his future evolutions might look better (assuming he has any - 1 at most, I reckon). As it stands, 6/10 - decent, but flawed in my opinion.

Yancham - 8/10 (Panda?)
Finally we get our panda, and he's a mischievous little tyke. I really like this guy. Simple, not overdesigned, cute, real evolution potential. Bears are my favourite animals, so I'm thinking this guy will contribute to my growing all-bear team (although I really want a Beartic evo too...). I get the feeling he'll be a Dark/Fighting in the end, and I reckon he'll only get one evolution like Teddiursa and Cubchoo.

Gogoat - 9/10
I love rams. This guy is just brilliantly designed in my view. The grass mane is just about small enough to not be an obstruction. I really hope there's others like him (maybe like a Pansage/sear/pour type trio) because he looks awesome and I don't see him evolving, although a previous form is a probability. A shoo-in for my team thus far.

Sylveon - 5/10
It's the bow tie that kills it for me. I don't mind the effeminate aesthetic, but the bow tie is an over-complication for me. It literally obscures the lower half of its face. Definitely hoping for another Eeveelution. 5/10 is average; this could've been a 4 but I do like the ribbons.

Newtwo - 7/10
I'm not an enormous fan of Mewtwo, so I'm not outraged about this one like some others are. I think he looks sleek and smooth and I like him more than the original.

Xerneas - 8/10
Big fan of this Pokémon. It looks like Cobalion should've. Could be any of a number of different types, which makes this majestic stag even more intriguing. Presumably a quickish staller/defensive Pokémon.

Yveltal - 8/10
Also a big fan of this guy. Like Lugia but more badass. I really like the claws and the general intimidating design. I'm currently thinking Ghost/Flying or Ghost/Dark with Levitate (the wispy "scarf" just screams Ghost to me). Presumably a sweeper.

User Info: JuliafanAM

4 years ago#6
Chespin 6/10
Fennekin 4/10
Froakie 3/10
Yayakoma 5/10
Elikiteru 5/10
Yancham 7/10
Gogoat 5/10
Sylveon 6/10
Newtwo 5/10
Xerneas 6/10
Yveltal 7/10

Worst starter line-up and everything else is meh. I'm excited for the game for the possibility of a new type and a shake up in the metagame/gameplay, though.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#7
Always interests me how wildly people's opinions differ. That's the difficult Gamefreak face I guess, it's impossible to please everyone as no-one likes every single design.

Look at Gen IV - for me, the Sinnoh dex was the worst yet, as there weren't many Pokémon I loved. There were a fair few I liked, but none that really stood out. But I've seen people on here swear that Sinnoh introduced all their favourites.

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User Info: TheGaijin

4 years ago#8
Chespin - 8/10 it’s the cutest of the 3 so far
Fennekin - 6/10 very basic
Froakie - 7/10 basic but I have feeling evolution will be good
Yayakoma - 3/10 bleh...
Elikiteru - 6/10 kinda cute but nothing special
Yancham - 8/10 I like this design, want to see evo
Gogoat - 8/10 I really like it but probably non-evo mon
Sylveon - 4/10 dislike, will not use
Newtwo - 7/10 form not needed
Xerneas - 7/10 I don’t use legendary so I don’t care, design is ok
Yveltal - 7/10 same as above
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User Info: Kooky_von_Koopa

4 years ago#9
Froakie Master Race
...once again, my mind crumbles to Kooky's logic! -MetaFalconPunch
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User Info: maxthornbow

4 years ago#10
Chespin - 9/10 Very adorable
Fennekin - 7/10
Froakie - 6/10
Yayakoma - 7/10 Best starter bird
Elikiteru - 8/10 Cute
Yancham - 7/10
Gogoat - 5/10
Sylveon - 4/10 I got tired of looking at it. Overdesigned.
Newtwo - 4/10
Xerneas - 9/10 I like deer
Yveltal - 5/10 Tries too hard to be cool and sinister
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