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Shift Gear Genesect

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User Info: -Unowninator-

4 years ago#21
Ku-Ri-Boh posted...
-Unowninator- posted...
Ku-Ri-Boh posted...
darkdragongirl posted...
But Choice Scarf....doesn't that negate the stat gains since you are choice'd?

So, yeah obviously you're giving Genesect something else to hold. I guess It is to keep with the Extremespeed theme.

It doesn't "negate" per se, but makes everything except Blaze Kick moot


Choice Scarf Shift Gear is stupid, Choice Scarf Extremespeed lets you use Extremespeed before other Extremespeed users due to speed boost (lol)

None of these 2 moves are exactly the moves to use with Choice Scarf, so only Blaze Kick "benefits" from it. Of course this whole thing is stupid because nobody would attach a Choice Scarf to such movepool. Scarf is just a bonus item to go with the godspeed theme

Oops. I misread your post. Somehow I thought you were saying the Choice Scarf makes Blaze Kick pointless. *facepalms*
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#22
i think its obvious everyone would remove the choice scarf from genesect and add either life orb/ lefties. some type of plate or expert belt

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