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my mind was just blown

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User Info: wolf rider

wolf rider
4 years ago#11
CM_Ponch posted...
From: jEr3mY | Posted: 5/12/2013 11:09:05 PM | #006
Pendragon71037 posted...
Technically, Juniper is a bush. (I actually heard this not too long ago.)

Makes sense with her being female....

Nice move, GF, nice move!!

Gamefreaky in the sack

There was no bush last I checked!

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#12
balkj06 posted...
Sorry, to disappoint you,

The Professor's names are

Yukinari Okido

The localised names Oak, Elm etc.. aren't canon. Nor did Gamefreak name the characters.

No mind blowing is required

With that begin said Okido is a Japanese family name and placename. Literally, big-tree family.

I checked on Google translate.
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