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Steel type makes no sense!!!

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User Info: ashcrv

4 years ago#1
It should really be called metal type. Not everything's made of steel ya know and steel's not the only metal in existence. Seriously Gamefreak goofed it big time there.

User Info: 12345_pwned

4 years ago#2
You do know that the next gen is already gen 6 right?

User Info: LSSJ3Vegitto

4 years ago#3
Same issue I have with Grass type. Rather than Plant type.

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#4
Its not GameFreak's fault you take titles too seriously...
A voice of reason, in a chaotic realm.
You're too angry... calm down... and let the madness take hold. - Arne83

User Info: dswizard

4 years ago#5
It's always been Metal in the TCG, and Darkness instead of Dark. (The TCG types don't correspond exactly - colorless spans normal, flying and poison types are represented by psychic). The attack names mainly reference metal as opposed to steel, then there's metal coat etc. yeh they goofed.

User Info: kaliskonig

4 years ago#6
What is steel type called in Japan? Is it... still steel or is it actually referred to as Metal like in the TCG? :-D
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  3. Steel type makes no sense!!!

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