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Idea: Legendaries based on Norse Mythology

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User Info: RaidenHero

4 years ago#1
Me (DCFan) and another user Rayze Derr was discussing the idea of the legendaries in this game being based on Norse Mythology

My idea: (Not as good as his's ideas)

3 Pokemon Based on Yggdrasil ( Yveltal, Xerneas and ????)

9 Pokemon Based on the Nine Realms

Based on Midgard: Fighting/Fairy

Based on Asgard: Dragon/Fairy

Basedon on Vanir Psychic/Fairy

Based on Jontar Rock/Fairy

Based on Alfar: Grass/Fairy

Based on Nair: Ghost/Fairy

Based on Dverager: Ground/Fairy

Based on Nifiheimer: Ice/Fairy

Baded on Muspellhemier: Fire/Fairy

His ideas ( Much better)

Giant Trio. This Trio shares a Fighting secondary type and are all based, design-wise, on great apes.

Asgantuan – Electric/Fighting – A large, electric gorilla. Based on Asgard.

Jotutuan – Rock/Fighting – A hard, stone-skinned chimpanzee. Based on Jotunheimr.

Midgartuan – Normal/Fighting – Very light-orange, angry-looking orangutan. Based on Midgard.

Ethereal Trio. This Trio all shares a Ghost secondary type and are all very gaseous or elemental-like in appearance.

Nifeid – Ice/Ghost – A sharp, pointed mass of blue mist. The shape of two arms and a tail are visible. Single eye is a glowing, yet dark blue that flows freely throughout its body. Based on Niflheim.

Musfeid – Fire/Ghost – A more rounded mass of red/pink steam. The shape of four arms, coming out in an X shape, is visible. Two dark red, round eyes flow throughout its structure. Based on Muspellsheimr.

Hefeid – Dark/Ghost – A black mist, though not levitating like the others, taking on an almost slug-like shape. A single arm protrudes from its “head.” Three, bright yellow eyes swim about its body. Based on Hel.

Battle Trio. This trio shares no common type, all being mono-type, and each takes on a very humanoid form, hands resembling human weaponry.

Vanapon – Psychic – A human-sized humanoid, tall and blue with purple swirls serving as a sort of war-paint. Head is bumpy, it and the neck resembling a human brain. Arms are long, and the ends are stiff with rounded bulbs resembling staves. Based on Vanaheimr.

Svarton – Steel – A shorter, rounder humanoid, orange in color with blue starbursts as war-paint. Despite its roundness and weight, muscles are very toned. Hands resemble the damaging end of a battleaxe. Based on Svartalfar.

Alfon – Dark – A very short and thin humanoid, purple in color and sporting war-paint in the form of orange zig-zags. Ears are very long and pointed, dragging on the floor behind it by about a foot (0.3m-ish). Hands have two fingers, each finger tipped with spearheads. Based on Alfheimr.

Drasilic – Grass/Dragon – A gigantic, land-based dragon, coming just short of Wailord in size. Very thick body and lacking any sort of wings. Beard of vines. Moss, trees, flowers, and various other flora grow from various parts of its body. Extremely slow, especially for a Legendary, but above-average attacking stats and phenomenal defenses. Based on, what else, Yggdrasil.

These are great ideas. Link:

User Info: DigiPokeManiac

4 years ago#2
I'd rather have Nidhoggr as the "Z" and Yggdrasil as an event legendary, possibly with the same BST as B/W Kyurem or just maybe Arceus.

Still, I like it.

User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#3
I will run you over if you ever get this idea in your head again.

Pokemon X and Y female MC is my waifu

User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#4
I love the idea of lots of Norse mythology-themed Pokémon but that does seem like a lot of trios, especially given that Xerneas, Yveltal and Z-mon are probably already another trio... Generally I like having fewer legendaries instead of tons of them, so perhaps some of those ideas could be blended somehow into evolutionary chains for non-legends.

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#5
I don't see why there should be more than one trio based on Norse mythology, even if all things Norse are in vogue at the moment.
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