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name your top 7 of Female MC.

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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#41
1 ) Dawn

I love her character design, and from what I have read/seen, her character development in the anime was done pretty alright and wasn't to forced. That being said, it ain't like I've read to much 'bout the anime and I've only seen a few episodes here and there since early advanced.

2 ) May

Again, I really like her design, though not as much as Dawn. She might've been my favorite if it weren't for the fact that I really didn't like her in the anime <_<. That, and maybe I have more of a thing for bluenettes than brunettes... I dunno, just a possibility.

3 ) Hilda

Probably the most blatant sex appealy of the gals so far. Mostly thanks to her sprite (you know the one. ) I don't like her name, though. If I recall, the MCs in B/W were supposed to be older than the previous MCs, and I always found that to be a bit random and silly. She gets some bonus points for commonly being paired with Bianca (and better yet, from what I remember, there's evidence of this possibility! )

4 ) Rosa

She's got a cute design, but I don't really care for her facial expressions. With that said, she ain't to far behind Hilda.

5 ) Leaf.

Her design feels really generic, putting it lower on the list. It's not an all 'round bad design, though. She's tied with number 6 for the, "character most likely to make me feel like a dirty old man if I look at her the wrong way" award

6 ) Lyra

Once upon a time, I hated her design. It has since grown on me, though she and Leaf are definitely the youngest looking of the female MCs. She ranks low on the list 'cause her design took some getting used to to like... And perhaps a healthy dose of accidental rule 34. Thank you internet, I will forever feel dirty.

7 ) Kris/new female MC

I've yet to play as Kris, and the most recent little lady just recently had her official artwork released. They're currently unrankable That being said, the new gal should have no problem ranking higher than Lyra, so there's that.
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#42
EpsteinBarr posted...
Dark_Zoroark posted...
EpsteinBarr posted...
TIGERJACKS0N- posted...
Things must be left unsaid ;) but i really do love them and appreciste them all each for their own individual personality and traits and whatnot :) i'm just that kind of loving guy

What if some of them were conniving, whorish wenches? Appearances aren't all that they seem.

LOLWUT?!!! WHAT IS WRONG, Oh god what is actually wrong with this community? So by your saying you admit that Dawn could be a whorish wench, even more than Hilda? So much pain and shame in the shadow world of this dammed community. Shall Evil's bane behold the light towards you!

I actually like Dawn a lot. I think she may be my most favorite female mc. But Hilda would certainly cheat you in a heart beat. Some guys like that though.

Agreed. And lolLeaf? Gold digger.
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User Info: cyberwarrior94

4 years ago#43
1. Dawn (I know)
2. Rosa
2. Hilda
4. Green
5. Crystal
6. Gen 6 gal
7. May

User Info: Nintendoboy77

4 years ago#44
1. Leaf
2. Gen 6 girl
3. Rosa
4. Dawn
5. Hilda
6. Lyra
7. May (yeah, I really don't like her)
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