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Best of the new Pokemon so far?

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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#11
Helioptile is just too adorable <3.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

4 years ago#12
zombiabsol posted...
Zerobahn posted...
Pancham...his cocky design is great, but I fear his follow up evolutions will be less than spectacular.

But i'm already more impressed by this gens few revealed Pokemon than I was by the entire line up of the previous one.

Sad to say, but I agree.
Gen 5 has nothing compared to gen 6.

To an extent I agree too. Gen V was a Pokedex of extremes for me, real highs and lows. For all the successes like Beartic, Eelektross, Scolipede, Braviary etc., you can't escape the rank awfultude of Stunfisk, Pignite, the Vanillite line, Unfezant...

I'm still withholding judgement on Gen VI's Dex until I've seen more final evos. Much as I love the current bunch, they could still all go horribly wrong.

P.S. I didn't like Helioptile to begin with, then I saw it in motion and absolutely fell for it.
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