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Will Bidoof get an alternate form?

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User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#11
BST: 9001
HP: 59
ATK: 1789
DEF: 1789
SPA: 1788
SPD: 1788
SPE: 1788
Typing: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Wonder Guard^2: Takes no damage from anything that is not SE. Foresight and the like do not work. Overrides Turboblaze, Mold Breaker, and Teravolt.

Banished to above Ubers.
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User Info: Tai_Le_Ree

4 years ago#12
R0cks0l1dd posted...
New leak: Bidoof gets an alternate form called Budoff which can permanently evolve into a completely new Pokemon called Bubarrow which is Water/Fairy type.

Ok who told you this that was the info I was withholding.
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#13
There should be a trainer at the end of the game (similar to Red from Gold and Silver), who lies at the top of a mountain. He faces away from the screen, until you approach and talk to him. He is also incredibly muscular. The music stops as you approach. You push A, and he turns around, revealing his Bidoof face. There is no battle music at first, till a slow, ominous tune of a Bidoof cry backwards in low pitch plays in a loop.

He first starts off with 3 shiny Bibarels, Both of which are at level 75. They have all of the OHKO moves, except that they almost never fail. They also have top speed IV's, so they are almost guaranteed to strike first for a OHKO on your party. If you manage to get past these two, the next phase starts.

He then goes on with 3 level 100 Bidoofs, all shiny with perfect IV's, all with different purpose EVs in distribution. They also have incredible stats beyond the potential of any normal Bidoof, along with moves unavailable to any Bidoof beyond normal means. They also have more than 4 moves, and all of them have every single OHKO move, except that they have 95 percent success rate, no matter what level your Poke is. You fight all 3 in a triple battle VS your first Pokmon in party.

The battle ends, and then he stands there. The ground shakes, and he grows in size, approximately 40 times his size. He releases his last Pokemon: himself.

He is the legendary form of Bidoof. He is gargantuous in size, with muscles and veins everywhere. He has dragon wings and red eyes, fangs, and he stares evilly with a Bidoof face.

He can hold up to 15 moves, all of which can include OHKO moves that never miss, and always go first.

His ability is Wonder Guard 2.0, which means he cannot be attacked, captured, or status inflicted by any means. Also, this ability lets all his attacks become Super Effective Critical Hit OHKO's.

He also has perfect IV's, and holds every item important in the competitive scene.

You cant beat him, no matter what you do. Losing to him, and seeing the destruction of the world in his hands is the real ending to the game. Your game shuts off as you hear him laugh, and you can never turn on your game again.
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#14
Oh. and your Pokemon are too afraid to attack it.
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