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Your signature team?!

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User Info: Balamb00

4 years ago#1
What is your signature team? As a league champion, who are your companions?

Just something fun to do in order to temporarily quell our anticipation and speculation of the upcoming games, X and Y.

No images are owned by me. Anyway, let's begin...

If you should choose to battle me, then...

My first Pokémon is grotesque with its stocky stature and boorish appearance. He fears no rock and will burn your garden of dreams to ash. Stomping bugs to cinder, he will demolish your elegant ice princesses. This Pokémon stands tall and confidant before you.

If proving too sluggish, my second Pokemon will hasten things up with its blinding priority moveset. And if his graceful, well-groomed appearance can’t maintain the flame, he’ll brighten the sky and unleash his fiery recklessness suffering in the flames beside you. Come forth…

Maybe, it was water, maybe it was the earth itself… My third Pokemon stands alone, blossoming in the moonlight and basking in its own toxins. She’ll drain your health, revitalize her own and leave you poisoned and confused within the darkness.

Telekinetic powers? Hmmm. Prepped for battle with utmost evasion, hit this Pokemon if you can. As it fades in and out of the shadows leaving only a smoke cloud; it hits hard with a ghostly mist. Try to extinguish its flame, heh, you’ll receive an energy ball all the same.

You hit it. No matter, my fifth Pokemon looms in the darkness casting disfigured shadows upon the ruined battlefield. Roaring into the sky he can unleash a meteor storm of hellish destruction. Bow down to its almighty presence or suffer into the darkness thrice.

Fallen… No matter, a mystical entity appears. As mysterious colors emerge intertwined, a blue flame spouts from her mouth. Kitsune! My prized and beloved bestows upon you her beauty. Sharing a trait with each of the first four Pokemon, she roars underneath the burning moon and rushes you. Can you defeat her?

Well that was fun. I’d like to see your own. I guess you could just list them if you’d like 

User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#2
Thats a pretty crap team.
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#3
Fennekin (if part psychic and not dumbo ears like I read somewhere)

Do they work well together? No. Are they cool? Mostly yes. Kecleon is a bit of a nerd, always watching the labyrinth.
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User Info: Balamb00

4 years ago#4
evillocke posted...
Thats a pretty crap team.

It's not meant to be effective competitively. But more of a favorites list in a role-play storyline world way.

Also this was my White in-game team with the exception of the Silver Ninetales whom I would name Kitsune. (Only Pokemon I would actually name) But, it's saddening to admit, after over 700 Vulpix eggs I gave up and never got my shiny Ninetales.Masuda method, if only I had held out for about 600 more. Augh!

User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#5
Six water types.

I win.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#6
I. Jones the zangoose

Zangoose is my favorite pokemon, so I always make sure I can get one on my team. I. jones has many roles. He is a false swiper, a physical sweeper and a rock breaker.
-False swipe
-Swords dance
-dig/aerial ace
-close combat


Mew is my strongest pokemon. she is mainly a special sweeper, and has some good moves to take out her weaknesses. just 3 nasty plots, and she shall tear through any pokemon. She's my only level 100 as of now.
-Nasty plot
-Dark Pulse
-Aura sphere

Flametail the typhlosion

rest TBA best picture to ever face the interwebs.
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User Info: BlueGaryOak

4 years ago#7
Darkdragongirl's alt.

User Info: Pendragon71037

4 years ago#8
A'ight, let me try this:

He stands. Immovable, he stands. Weathering all that is thrown at him, he drinks the lifeblood of his opponents, casts orbs of pure nature energy, and shakes the earth. He tires not, he flinches not at the strongest of attacks, he stands.[term]=torterra&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=6

Blinding, soaring, screeching, tearing, he spreads his wings. His victory cry pierces like an arrow, his wings ready to slice his prey. He cares not about the futile scratches his resisting meal delivers, he does not feel them. He feels no pain, only victory, supreme victory over you. His admantine head descends, rending flesh from bone.

Hard, yet flowing, he is the enigma of land and water combined. He swims through the earth, and runs across seas. Death has taken him prisoner, and he has escaped. He needs no weapons, his very arms are the weapons. He slices, cuts, stabs. Too fast for eyes to track, he knows not the word mercy. He is an assassin. He is a predator. And he is hungry.

You can try to run. You can try to hide. But you will never escape. Even in the darkest corner of the universe, he can see you. He needs no light, he needs no sound, he needs no mell, taste, or touch, to know where you cower. Because he can see your terror, h smells your fear, he hears your rushing heart, he feels your goosebumps, and soon, he will taste your blood.[term]=lucario&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=16

He never shows his face. He never alerts you to his presence. And he never misses. He sees all, yet none see him. Your only clues are his sinister giggles, and the single sparkle in his eyes, he is the rock eater. But he has another, tenderer favorite food. Souls. And he wants yours. Just look into his big, gem encrusted eyes. You can't resist. You cannot fight. And you will not leave his cave, the way you came in.[term]=sableye&filters[primary]=images&sort=1&o=74

He is the hunter. He is all, and nothing. One, and Zero. He shoots, he hits, and yet, no joy comes to him. He is all the others, yet his own. He kills, effortlessly, emotionlessly, and efficiently. He was one before, and now he is another. He is the hunter, and you are the hunted.

Too much?
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User Info: Onionium

4 years ago#9
Shiny Umbreon

I have a Gliscor that I alternate in every now and then as well.
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User Info: Tai_Le_Ree

4 years ago#10
Riolu with prankster and roar
Steelix with Stealthrocks fissure, earthquake, explosion
Fortress with Spikes Toxic Spikes and explosion

The riolu doesn't roar to use the move it barks
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