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Your signature team?!

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User Info: Onionium

4 years ago#11
Tai_Le_Ree posted...
Riolu with prankster and roar
Steelix with Stealthrocks fissure, earthquake, explosion
Fortress with Spikes Toxic Spikes and explosion

The riolu doesn't roar to use the move it barks

awww that riolu's adorable
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User Info: KingAchmed

4 years ago#12
I always have my fav six in mind when a new Pokemon game comes out. Always at some point after leveling the new pokes I always level them.

Umbreon. By far my fav Pokemon.
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#13
Meinfoo with Scouting set / Sweeping
Serperior with Animosity Leaf storm set
Snorlax with Restalk set
Flygon with Choice band set
Absol with full crit chance set
Gallade with Bulk up set
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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#14
Here is mines:

Well known for paying more attention to details of the battle as such the overall mood and the posioning of the opponent, the first Pokemon is a very technicial battler. All she really need is to do a Charge Beam or two and it is ready to sweep. She has reserve flash Cannon for Fairies but will use Substitute know that they will switch out.

Seen from a distance with a grin on her face, the second pokemon will tear unexpecting teams apart with a wide variety of attack. She love to inflict pain on her opponent and torment them by adding an omph to them that make them even more painfull.

Hated by many dragons for being unexpected, the third pokemon can really be a pain to deal with. Everyone expects her to be running hidden power ground/Water but instead has hidden power ice thus procedding to OHKO dragons when they least expect it. Since so many of her kind have Hidden power Gorund/Water then might not remember that she has hidden power ice.

Known to dragon as a masacure, the fourth pokemon only need to use . And then she can proceed to destroy team once member at a time. She hide inside her shell for most of the battle only to go out of it to if her team wins a battle

Being the team's tank, the fifth Pokemon is known to wall attack from rain team. She can easily soak heavy blow and wash the scars off of her with recover.

As a bada** decitcated to pound on fairies all day, the sixth pokemon is a true powerhouse. She prepares herself with Swords Dance and proceed to kill all unsuspecting fairies with Bullet Punch. She keeps bug Bite for Psychic and Super power for Steels.

No they are not weaker for female pokemon have the same stats as their male conterpart and deal the same damage.

User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#15
second post wins but i feel pretty bad cuz yknow these dudes are just tryna have fun with their mons
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User Info: XRamzaX

4 years ago#16

My team was


I don't remember why I used it but i believe me and my friend has restrictions on the battle.

Might not have been my main team, I dont remember ( I think it wasn't because I always remember liking scizor which isn't there and neither is zapdos). Just remember booting up silver a week ago when I was getting back into this and that was the 6 pokemon I had.
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User Info: wingblade98

4 years ago#17
gallade/lucario (idk)

User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#18
Male Lucario
Female Gardevoir
Male Staraptor
Shiny Metagross
Male Swampert
Male Garchomp

Basically my top 6 favorites in no particular order. Subject to change once Fletchling and Helioptile's evos and final typings are revealed.
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