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Name your 3 favorite Pokemon from Black and White

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User Info: mada7

4 years ago#11
Krookodile, Galvantula, and Chandelure
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#12
Galvantula, Emboar, Samurott.

... Damnit, I actually like waaaay too many of them to narrow it down to just three, sooooo...

Serperior, Kyurem, Reshiram, Scrafty, Volcarona, Zoroark, Chubchoo, Keldeo, Cobalion, Landorus, Joltik, Klingklang (yes I like it so sue me), Swoobat, Minccino and Cinccino, Trubbish, Darmanitan, Victini...

I'm rather surprised that I actually like the legends of Vth gen. I normally hate the legends.
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User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#13

They are among my favourite of all time. :D Thanks Fellwolf and L4DHunter! <3

User Info: BottledPoe

4 years ago#14
Chandelure, Galvantula, and Volcarona.
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User Info: mehmetski

4 years ago#15
kami-trio therian formes

User Info: Gold Ursaring

Gold Ursaring
4 years ago#16
Genesect, Haxorus, Zekrom.

User Info: BurningFlareX

4 years ago#17
Reshiram, Hydreigon, Ferrothorn (I used this one so much, I've warmed up to it quite a lot)
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#18
1. Kyurem (White forme is my favorite)
2. Excadrlil
3. Snivy
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#19
Galvantula, Volcarona, and Haxorus
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#20
1. Durant
2. Throh aka Guts-OH aka FatBastard

3. uhh... I dunno, nothing really comes close to those two. Maybe Simisear or Volcarona.
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