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Your favorite new starter?

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User Info: hereforemnant

4 years ago#31
hmmmmname posted...
Lol and I was planning on naming it Amaterasu although it's not a wolf (not that it matters).
I really can't wait until this game (and Kingdom Hearts, Disgaea D2, and LR:FF) come out.
It's gonna be a VERY merry Christmas.

That's what my current Shiny Ninetales is named ha.
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User Info: hereforemnant

4 years ago#32
Shariadarow posted...
hereforemnant posted...
ecylis posted...
They all look dumb, but Fennekin is the most OK. Fire/Psychic seems like a really dumb combo to me though. I'd rather have Fire/Electric. All of my psychic Pokemon just turn out being an Ice/Psychic/Electric/Grass special sweeper.

Here's my justification to it.

When we got Vulpix and Ninetales in later generations, Vulpix could learn Extrasensory and pass it onto Ninetales, and that would be the only way besides egg breeding. But based on Ninetales's description, it should already have potent Psychic or Ghost like abilities, but it could only learn Extrasensory.

So i like to think that Fennekin has that typing as a possibility as a way to get a redemption for earlier, but that's all just my opinion on it.

Vulpix/Ninetales never should have been Fire in the first place, they should have been Psychic with some Fire moves like will'o wisp and the like, rather than Fire with a few Psychic/Ghost moves. If the Fairy type is true/old pokemon get retyped, making Fairy a second type for them and possibly Zorua/Zoroark would better redeem that. Both are based off of the same thing, renowned for magical ability.

As for starter choice, Fennekin, not even a question. I'll be honest though, I would have expected a Fennec Fox Pokemon to be at least part Ground type. Chespin would be my second pick, but it kind of looks derp. Froakie just looks awful.

While i agree with the change of Fire to Psychic for them, it seems really doubtful. While some have said that the cries should definitely get over-hauled for a lot of the first Gen Pokemon, that seems almost plausible while that not so much. Fairies though usually have wings, have something to do with forests and the environments, but since i'm going in cliches and personal opinion, i don't agree with that myself.

Phantom would almost suit them better, Ninetales's powers are based in curses, and Zoroark's ability to shape-shift and create illusions in large environments make more sense. But then obviously that typing will never exist, so unless they re-class this "fairy" type to something should i say, appropriate, i can't say much further.

For Fennekin though, someone said it's later forms could have ground in a sort of Desert Fox type, so there's that to look forward to.
Senator Armstrong for President 2016

User Info: javel34

4 years ago#33
If fennekin is psychic, then he may be my first fire starter since gold.
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User Info: Count_Black

4 years ago#34
Froakie > Chespin >>> Fennekin IMO

User Info: SquirtleHomie

4 years ago#35
Count_Black posted...
Froakie > Chespin >>> Fennekin IMO

This. Although, Squirtle will always be my favorite starter.
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