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Let's end this once and for all, Sylveon is a new type.

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User Info: Jacornonthecob

4 years ago#41
NeonDragon9000 posted...
Jacornonthecob posted...
Arne83 posted...
Jacornonthecob posted...
Why would it say "It's super effective" with poison just for... Comedy when they'd been perfectly happy up until that point not referring explicitly to type advantages?

Because... I don't know. I'm not a writer. All I know, is that until it is officially stated the Sylveon is Butt-type or whatever... as far as I'm concerned, anything is possible.

Well of course, but its not likely. What is likely is fairy type.
1. The leaks are credible
2. The comedy sketch indicates its a new type
3. Sylveon is designed after a fairy

We know that anything is possible, we just don't bother talking about Butt-types because we're not four.

I wouldn't say it takes after a fairy, since it's a very broad term, but the most damning evidence is that "sylph" can mean fairy, or a light-being, and that's quite clearly the basis for "Sylveon."

And it was also mentioned that all of its other translations are based around words that mean "fairy."

AND... That such a big deal is being made about its typing pretty much seals the deal it's a Fairy type. I guarantee you there wouldn't be any of this if it was something as mundane as a Normal or Flying type. They would have just told us from the get-go.

Pretty much. Sylvan means associated with wood, like fairies. Nymphs are fairies. Fey are Faries. Every language talks about how its a fairy. It looks like one too. I thought it might have been normal (most fairy Pokemon are... or were) until it was revealed that its weak to poison.

User Info: SilverSock

4 years ago#42
So long as Ice doesn't get another weakness, I'm happy.

Unfortunately this makes it sound like a possibility, if it does turn out to be true...****.
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  3. Let's end this once and for all, Sylveon is a new type.

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