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Think of your MOST FAVORITEST non-pokemon RPG character...

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User Info: CornMoose2010

4 years ago#1
They're now Fire/Fighting/Fairy.
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User Info: Persona3MC_MShe

4 years ago#2
Yukiko Amagi. I can see that working for her.
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User Info: Featherine

4 years ago#3
Kanji Tatsumi's a Fairy/Fighting-type now? Hmm. I'll think about it.

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#4
Lina Invers, it all makes sense now. That's why Dragons run away from her in terror, not because she always blasts them to smithereens.
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User Info: stangkid95

4 years ago#5
Lloyd Irving? That......actually kinda works. Well done TC.
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User Info: Featherine

4 years ago#6
I love how the first two responses are from Persona.

User Info: pkmewtwo

4 years ago#7
Chrom is now.... wow... F***

User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
4 years ago#8
Lloyd Irving as well.

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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#9
Spada Belforma? Well, he's sort of too badass for a fairy, and he uses the Wind elemental, but fighting sure works.
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User Info: HeyWheresKel

4 years ago#10

Kinda works
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  3. Think of your MOST FAVORITEST non-pokemon RPG character...

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