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Which version, X or Y, are you choosing?

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User Info: ABXInferno

4 years ago#1
From the information we know about the two versions so far, which one are you choosing? Personally, I'm choosing X.

User Info: kaliskonig

4 years ago#2
But the only differences we know so far are the mascot legendaries right? I want X though.

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#3
gonna complete the pokedex for both X and Y, so naturally I'm getting both; it's my duty as the only true Pokemon fan
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User Info: Worm199

4 years ago#4
I am choosing once I know the exclusive Pokemon, couldn't give a bigger damn about legendaries to be honest.
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#5
Yv>Xer, imo
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User Info: DarcKage

4 years ago#6
Depends on the version exclusives. Dont really care about legendaries though.

If I had to pick now, I'd pick Y just because the box art looks cooler.
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User Info: kumorixLoveless

4 years ago#7
X because my friend will be getting Y
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User Info: PChaosWM

4 years ago#8
For the first time ever, I'll be getting both versions of a Pokemon game. If I HAD to make a choice though, I'd probably go with Pokemon Y because it has a cooler looking Legendary Pokemon.
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User Info: Brandon00151

4 years ago#9
depends on the version exclusives.

User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#10

It's the "red" one, and I feel that Yveltal looks cooler than Xerneas. - My Backloggery
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  3. Which version, X or Y, are you choosing?

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