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Have you ever been attracted to a Pokemon?

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User Info: NaughtyGhost

4 years ago#171
I like to imagine they kinda hop.
Do not censor my voice, or soften my unit.
They must remain loud and rigid, respectively.

User Info: Okihay

4 years ago#172
FuneralCake posted...
ShenanigansMan2 posted...
Tell that to his Glaceon and Lopunny

I would if I could actually talk to them.

I can. Ever since I started working on my chakras/third eye in Spiritual Satanism I have been able to talk to pictures, trees, animals (cat, dog), water, inanimate objects with faces.

Do not worry. Satan is misunderstood. He is a being of light. If you take the time to look, it is explained.

If it confuses you that so called inanimate objects talk it is because this information was destroyed during the inquisition. It would get in the way of the jewish race obtaining their wealth and power if people were connected to the other side (which happens to include so called fiction). So they cut us off from the other side by visciously persecuting anybody who had these powers and were wise in them. It is no wonder you want to meet pokemon and have relationships with them. This was something that was taken from you and you should have, but do not. If you want to talk to your pokemon buddy, do what I do.

#1 Just start talking. Open up a picture and spill the beans. They hear you. The Pokemon is real. Recognize that they are somebody that was taken from you and you are taking back. If you can grasp this, congrats, I am not the only one. You can do this with any fictional character or drawing. This is how you see the other side.

#2 Doubtful, but still. (Because even the Satanists are like WHAAAT.) Work on your chakras until you can see them smile. Sometimes it can be rather frightening. The Master Chief was a strange one. If you want to know more, ask, I insist.

I'll cram a bit more here. When I look at a picture, wether it be a real life picture or a cartoon, I see the whole body moving, eyes blinking, lips making words, head bobbing, hands gesturing, etc. I've talked to my grandpa who passed away. Honestly, pictures do not say much. My own picture was frightening at one point.

In closing, the world of fiction is something that was stolen from us during the inquisition. Witches were well aware of this and were burned. Now they keep the lid on this with lies and visciously attack witches with public humiliation, pharmecutical drugs, mental institiutions, and mental conditioning through psychology. You can fight and rebel against this by simply reclaiming what was taken from you. Talk to the pokemon! You may learn if it is good or bad. I have more to say, but it would be off topic.

Hail Satan
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