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What's even the point of pre-evolutions?

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User Info: EnvoyJRH

4 years ago#1
I honestly can't think of one. They serve no purpose beyond to look cute. They're deemed inefficient on birth playability wise.

User Info: pikpikcarrotmon

4 years ago#2
Their sole purpose is to grant new moves to existing Pokemon.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#3
Some of them have exclusive moves that are good on the fully-evolved Pokemon.

But really, why does it matter? If you're going to say that they're useless, let's just make every Pokemon a one-stage thing.
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User Info: VegantoKeens

4 years ago#4
Horribly wasteful additions. I really hope they stuff that even number tradition where the sun don't shine.
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User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#5
It adds more to the world. Makes things a bit more interesting. Not everything has to be super useful from the word "go"...
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User Info: Serebii from SPP

Serebii from SPP
4 years ago#6
For me, I like them. They really add to the experience.

I personally hate raising Pokémon that don't evolve. It's like there's no goal, no target to achieve. By adding and starting with a pre-evolution, it gives me that target
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User Info: Koopa_Blooper

4 years ago#7
the point is to sell more plushie dolls

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#8
From: Koopa_Blooper | #007
the point is to sell more plushie dolls

Basically this. If they wanted to introduce evolutionary lines earlier in a game, they'd just give the original Pokémon next-to-useless moves until a certain level anyway. And there are plenty of "goals" to attain with any Pokémon, including non-evolving ones, such as learning a certain move or set of moves and getting it fully EV-trained.

User Info: eimajamie

4 years ago#9
To use them earlier in the game maybe; Riolu, Budew?
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#10
Take a Pokémon like Budew or Elekid. Roselia and Electabuzz can't be caught until a while into the game, but a Budew or Elekid can be caught very early on. It balances some Pokémon to let you use them earlier than originally.

Pichu, Cleffa and Igglybuff existed purely for cuteness and to promote the breeding feature. Tyrogue existed to bridge the Hitmons together.

But for things like Munchlax or Azuril? No idea other than cuteness.
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