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What's even the point of pre-evolutions?

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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#21
From: sumuthergamer | #020
And why would Game Freak think Electabuzz and Magmar would be overpowered when you can obtain the likes of Lucario and Arcanine extremely early?

Gee, I don't know... Maybe because you HAVE TO EVOLVE SOMETHING to get Lucario and Arcanine? Which is exactly what Elekid/Magby add to Electabuzz/Magmat? So you just argued against yourself.

*facedesk* No I didn't.

-With wild Magby and Elekid, you have to level them to level 30 to get it to evolve into a middle-stage Pokémon. Riolu only needs to leveled up at high happiness, and Growlithe evolves with the first Fire Stone you obtain.
-With wild Magmar and Electabuzz, you can STILL HAVE Lucario earlier than either, and a full-evolved Arcanine not long after. And Magmar and Electabuzz still aren't fully-evolved and their evolutions are basically inferior to a lot of stuff when you finally do.

What was the point of having baby Magmar and Electabuzz in the first place? Exactly - none.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#22
1) New moves
2) To help fill the Pokedex
3) For fluff

User Info: MeepleLardicle

4 years ago#23
Lucario is still unlikely to be gotten that early. Happiness Evos take a while in-game if you aren't abusing the system (and they take a while in real time if you do), and you still need to do it during the day (not a big restriction albeit.)

So yes, it is the same, in that Riolu requires an evolution just like Magby and Elekid. Lucario is probably gotten earlier, but then honestly, I feel Riolu early in BW2 was sort of an apology after being a pain in the ass to get in Gen 4 from my recollection (unless Platinum fixed that? I remember Riolu in DP was latish and unevolved and yeah, Lucario didn't see much use as a result.)
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User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#24
Because the game is about collection. The competitive battling thing is just something on the side. Granted the main objective to "complete" the game is to become regional champ, but the other objective is to complete your Pokedex, and the point is to give you more to collect.
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User Info: Grammar_man

4 years ago#25
I think one of the main reason pre-evos are disliked is that it lessens the chance for an evolution that could give the line more ability to be useful in battle. This more a problem on lines that already had two mons.

Take the Jigglypuff line. It would have benefitted a lot from an evo as opposed to Igglybuff. now, even if it does get a split evo, they will most likely want it not to eclipse Wigglytuff and it will most likely share Tuff's terribad stat total.

User Info: BulIetproof

4 years ago#26
To learn Uproar via the Move Tutor, of course. :3

Joke's aside, removing all pre-evos would be 18 Pokemon less profit when selling say, a deck of Pokemon Cards or Pokemon Figures or whatever merchandise they'd come up with.

Random poster: "But then that should have been 18 new designed Pokemon that could've replaced these useless ones!"

Yeah, designed like Vanillish? I'd rather have the pre-evos.
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User Info: Swiftblade09

4 years ago#27
TherianReturns posted...
Serebii from SPP posted...
For me, I like them. They really add to the experience.

I personally hate raising Pokémon that don't evolve. It's like there's no goal, no target to achieve. By adding and starting with a pre-evolution, it gives me that target

Or they can be badass from start to finish, Like Snorlax, Sawk, or Heracross.

No Pre-evo required. Please tell me you get this reference. hint hint England

You're forgetting munchlax.
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User Info: Dr Edward Roivas

Dr Edward Roivas
4 years ago#28
They make things a little less weird for womanly and manly Pokemon like Jynx and Hitmonchan.

However, the whole Kangaskhan born-with-a-baby thing has not been taken care of...
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User Info: Zabuzadono

4 years ago#29
Pichu gets Nasty Plot, Pikachu does not.

Most of the babies get Charm, where their fully evolved form does not.

Also, some of the "babies" can get passed moves that the fully evolved form can not (Budew can get passed Extrasensory while Roselia cannot, Happiny gets Last Resort while Chansey cannot)
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User Info: SliceSabre

4 years ago#30
Allows for addition of new skills and moves.

Also fleshes out the world a bit more when. i.e. What pokemon look like as babies.
Gamertag: SliceSabre
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