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It seems they fed WPM with fake info.. (pic inside)

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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#21
Sephirotht posted...
NewbieN00b posted...
Sephirotht posted...
Kitschgardener posted...
From: Sephirotht | #010
The first one sounded believable, but the second not so much. Especially that holding it upside down to evolve.

Not saying it's true, but do you seriously think Game Freak isn't interested in (ab)using 3DS features and/or gimmicky gameplay? Finding Feebas, etc.

I can see them making use of 3DS features, but holding it upside down just sounds so lame.

'I don't like it so it's not true'?
WPM comment on the whole deal plz.
(even an 'IDK' would be fine)

Good job jumping to conclusions. Typical X board response.
Didn't say I dislike it, just that it sounds so meaningless. "I want to evolve this Pokemon! *Whoop* I'll hold my 3DS upside-down to make it happen! :D"

That's facepalm material. :/


Can you remind me what 'lame' means? I honestly misunderstood you if it doesn't mean something along the lines of 'Stuipd, uneeded' etc.

TBH, I though 'lame' was a word used to express opinion. If it isn't an opinon what fact is it?
Give me all teh FE D':

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#22
GTomahawk posted...
Yeah, Fairy type is the one thing we can say is probably true no matter what happens.

Other than that I'm just opting to not care about this until s*** makes sense.

This is why we're here in the first place. Willing to believe anything just because it tells us what we... or the majority of us... want to believe.
"You don't have an inferiority complex, you're just inferior."
-Sarcastic Announcer in Wave Race
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  3. It seems they fed WPM with fake info.. (pic inside)

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