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Rate this ability and move

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User Info: White_Queen

4 years ago#1
Ability: Sexualize
Effect: In Battle - When using Attract, force the enemy to become attracted to user regardless of the enemy or user's gender, or even the user or enemy's lack of genders.
Outside of Battle - When breeding, can reproduce eggs with non-gendered pokemon, except for Legendaries.

Move: Libido
Effect: User becomes attracted to the enemy pokemon regardless of the user or enemy pokemon's genders or lack of genders, but also gains +2 Speed and + 2 Attack.

User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#2
Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you, staring into your soul, using its duckiness.

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

4 years ago#3
"I could care less" means you care right now.
The proper phrase is "I couldn't care less."

User Info: jEr3mY

4 years ago#4
I can see a rather hilarious battle happening...

*Pokemon* with Sexualise enters the field....
*Opposing male Pokemon* uses Harden...
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#6
Pokemon doesn't make overt sexual references.

That's not very kid friendly, which is who the games are generally marketed at.
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