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Favourite Legendary Pokemon (in game encounter)

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User Info: Monixion

4 years ago#1
What has been your favourite legendary encounter in game, wether it be because of the location, music or even difficulty?

Mine has to be the Regi trio in R/S, simply because of the extra work you had to put into just being able to battle them.

In a series where most legendary pokemon can just be walked up to and fought, it was nice to have a few which required a little more effort to obtain.

You had to surf through a specific set of waves to get to the dive point, then you had to translate some Braille to work out what you had to do. Then you had to capture 2 certain pokemon and arrange them specifically in your team, and that was just to unlock the Regis locations. Then even once you found each cave you had to translate more Braille to work out how to unlock each door.

It was one of the great things about R/S and I hope X/Y can bring back some of that great exploration.
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User Info: Ampheta

4 years ago#2

User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#3
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User Info: netman70

4 years ago#4
Mine was Raquaza, only because the very first time I encountered it I did it completely on accident. Playing Ruby I had already beaten the Elite Four and I was just surfing in the southern part of the region when I found the break in the rocks and went up and found Raquaza. I about s*** myself lol. I caught it and showed everyone at school and nobody else had found it either haha.
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User Info: Stormvale12

4 years ago#5
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User Info: Dark_Zoroark

4 years ago#6
Dialga in PMD2.
Giratina in Main games.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#7
Finding mewtwo in cerulean cave in blue

User Info: gren-aid

4 years ago#8
Mine's the Regi trio, too. They actually felt ancient and mysterious. And with the work you put in to find them, it felt like you accomplished something.
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#9
This is going to sound very Genwunn-ish of me, but I gotta give it to Mewtwo.

Back then, I was a complete and total noob, and I didn't know half the things about Pokemon as I do now. I didn't have my Master Ball anymore having used it on Articuno. So, I had to rely on capturing it the old fashioned way. I managed to freeze it with Articuno's Ice Beam, then caught it in an Ultra Ball at a friend's house. I nearly flipped.

Now, with the legends being a part of the story, I dunno, I don't feel the same level of "Get this to really prove you're the greatest in the world" anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I love the buildup from the story to get to that point, but I just don't really feel the "legend" part of it anymore. Well, except for Reshiram/Zekrom in Black and White. I thought they were incorporated in the story quite well, but I still felt their "legendary" aspect. I think that's because we had to fight someone else who also had one under his command. It really showed how the two were linked.

It's probably also why the entire Tao Trio are also Legendaries I love. I think the main reason Mewtwo's got an edge was because he's one of my favorite characters to play as in Super Smash Brothers. While there aren't any "villain" Pokemon, when Mewtwo stepped on the stage, you knew s*** was real. (don't go herpderptierlist, I don't care.)
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User Info: Ampheta

4 years ago#10
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