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What feature do you hope returns in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?

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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#11
If we're talking about stuff from B2W2 returning, I'd say:
-Join Avenue (possibly just as shops in Lumiose, without the management sim bit)
-the Battle Test
-Pass Powers (without Pass Orbs, maybe)
-Repel reuse prompt
-Game Freak music guy (but as a sound test option)
-Hidden Grottos/in-game trades instead of the Dream World
-Relic items/sellable items worth more than 10,000 each
-Individual gym themes
-No particular Elite 4 order
-generous with legendaries that aren't roamers (we have 40+ old gen legendaries now - they can afford to be generous with them)

That should do it. Top 10 things I want back from B2W2.

User Info: Demyxus

4 years ago#12
A fun criminal organization..

*Sigh* I miss gen1 Team Rocket, the rest all became too serious and weak.

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#13
vs seeker-make it so you can use it inside
auto run
bike-so far the roller blades look to replace the bike
level 100 flat battles.
poke walker/wlaking with pokemon(a man can dream)
turn based battles.
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User Info: VampLordAdamaru

4 years ago#14
Underground, at least as far as obtaining evo stones, items, etc. Online portions should be optional, but it shouldn't be required to be online for mining. (I actually really enjoyed the mining mini-game, personally...)
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User Info: TheZuperHero

4 years ago#15
MetaDeDeDe posted...
Vs. Seeker-it make pokemon so much fun to play as a whoop trainers over and over again.

This. And I personally hope the Dream World doesn't return. It was neat, but it just felt tedious and uninteresting. Just my opinion though.
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User Info: dwdwdw6

4 years ago#16
Demyxus posted...
A fun criminal organization..

*Sigh* I miss gen1 Team Rocket, the rest all became too serious and weak.


Anyway I want every feature EVER to come back damnit! VS Seeker, walking Pokemon, Poketch/Pokegear like thing etc etc etc.

User Info: hmmmmname

4 years ago#17
jEr3mY posted...
I want day/night AND seasons to be in the one game!!

With Pokemon being exclusive to certain seasons and time... ie, some Pokemon only appear at night during Winter...

I kinda agree but I want the seasons to be on week long cycles instead of the monthly(?) cycle it's on now. And night/day can stay the same.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#18
I'd like a new take on contests. Spread them across the region like in RSE. Don't add in DPP's dance stage, that was awful. Maybe add an extra appeal round that's a bit more engaging. Adapting the anime's contest battles would be something interesting.

It would be nice if contest stats were proper stats like HP etc that rose with your level, with EV-like customisation. That way contests become integrated into the main gameplay more and we could possibly choose to be a coordinator instead of a league champion.

I know Pokémon has always been battle-focused, but opening up the game and allowing you to choose just what kind of trainer you are would be nice.

User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#19
*deep breath*
Calling gym leaders for rematches
Pokemon following behind you
Secret bases
RSE dive
Join avenue
Berry pots
Custom pokeballs
Poketech apps
Auto repel prompt
Game corner (a real one, no f***** voltorb flip)
Day/Night differences
Vs. seeker
Weight/Height comparison in pokedex
B button toggle
*passes out*
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#20
I haven't touched Gen 2 or Gen 5...

[Ruby/Sapphire (Haven't played Emerald)]
-Contests (No "Beauty Pageant/American Idol before Contest" crud in D/P)
-Secret base (Not cave homes in D/P)
-Grass cutting (Using HM01 Cut)

[Fire Red/Leaf Green]
-VS Seeker

[Diamond/Pearl (Haven't played Platinum)]
-Tons of Legendaries to catch after being champion

[Heart Gold/Soul Silver]
-Auto run
-Two register items
-Battle Frontier
-Rematch Gym Leaders

That's all I have. Can't remember what else I wanted to return :(
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