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ITT: We discuss why Colosseum and XD are so different from the other games.

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  3. ITT: We discuss why Colosseum and XD are so different from the other games.

User Info: RandomSong

4 years ago#11

User Info: PikachuTheHorn

4 years ago#12
Those games sucked. Can they just hurry u and put a main pokemon game on a home console?

User Info: Rudoku

4 years ago#13
HAL Labs didn't half-ass it like GS did.
Magical Scientist is more perfect than EotS because you get to shoot dinosaurs out of a turtle.

User Info: TheZuperHero

4 years ago#14
Those trainer names.
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User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#15
XD is in my top 5 Pokemon games list.
Any suggestions for a husband for Maribelle?
Why are Kairi's early game fetch quests so tedious?

User Info: Zacks_Fair

4 years ago#16
Miror B
Sylveon is Dragon type.
Xerneas is Psychic/Rock, Yveltal Dark/Flying (speculation)

User Info: FuzzyJello

4 years ago#17
Wonderfully divergent artistically and musically; it was great to have characters and towns that you can almost tell were designed to look out of place in a Pokemon game. Genius Sonority had to explain gameplay limitations in narrative form and they ran with it. Should you include them in the discussion, they put Gen 3 in first place for art style so far it's not even funny. Whereas Colosseum gave us what remains one of the best songs in the series with its ending.

On the question of Genius Sonority being bad developers, I really don't see how you can make that claim when the sheer scope of projects like Collusseum and XD would guarantee what feels like cut corners, and PBR had the double whammy of being graphics-heavy and having seeming to be rushed more than a game of it's type should. Doesn't excuse how frakking arcane it's various limitations are, but I'd call them more victims of circumstance than anything.

Of course, it does elevate Game Freak no matter what. If Genius Sonority shows what happens when you put a normal developer in a crazy position, Game Freak's 70ish people are troopers on another level entirely, given that they seem to have been making at least 2 games at once since the DS released, if not before, and nothing they release seems truly half-hearted.
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  3. ITT: We discuss why Colosseum and XD are so different from the other games.

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