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Pokemon Rp: Spirit Fire! Part 1!

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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#101
Flashback: 15 yrs Ago.
The Flashback showed the Final battle of PF, with Destroya's defeat, and Xalier's sacrifice.
Destroya: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON'T Fall...... NOT YET..... NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xalier: Heh... Good job.....
Tyler: Atlas! Hurry!
Atlas: Right. Healing Light!
Xalier: Tyler, Please.... My Time has come.... Arceus..... Told me this would happen..... Now.... The Future is safe..... From the Ancient Evil..... Tyler.....
Tyler: Hm?
Xalier: Raise those children of yours..... well...... They will be.... come.... the Next..... Series of heroes..... I know it.... because.... Their father is..... a true Hero.....

End Flashback

Present time
Three Figure's stood outside.
Tyler: Alright, let's start. Cria, you first.
Cria: Okay, Dad!
The Girl ran towards a target.
Cria: Naglfar!
The spell didn't do much to the target.
Cria: Aw, phooey.
Tyler: It's okay. You'll get it soon, trust me.
Riku: You didn't balance your body right. You do it like this...
Riku raised his Hand forward.
Riku: Naglfar!
The Spell blasted right through the target.
Tyler: Nice Job, Riku!
Cria: Hmph!
Riku: Father, this is easy. You've done it before. Why teach us?
Tyler: You have a point. You've seen me with my Spells and Sword. Well, the answer is... You might need these powers.
Garchomp: Gar! (Tyrant told us about it.)
Tyranitar: .... (This knowledge will come in handy in the future. Trust me.)
Riku: .... Still, it doesn't make much sense.
Cria: Aw, quit complaining Riku!
Riku: I'm not Complaining! If i remember correctly, YOU was the one who didn't want to learn to fight!
Cria: Well, yeah! I don't want to fight, but we should learn this stuff just for the fun of it!
Riku: Fun?! Risking your life would not be considered fun! THAT is why we learn of this stuff!
Cria: You're just saying this because it's you, Riku! You Love to fight!
Riku: Which gets me on why you're my exact opposite!
Tyler: Alright, break it up-
Riku/Cria: Stay out of this!
Tyler: *sigh* These two are unbearable sometimes.
Tyranitar: .... (Indeed.)
Tyler: Well, if it means stopping this.. Naglfar!
The spell blasted right above the Twins, and blasted into Several targets.
Riku: Whoa!
Cria: Ah!
???: Tyler! It's getting late!
Tyler: Coming, Erika! Let's go inside now.
Riku: (And i was just getting it through her nut-sized brain...)
Cria: (He is so arrogant and Cold. Doesn't he know fighting hurts people?)
The three went inside.

(Also, Garchomp and Rhyperior will be like Dusknoir and Tyranitar, where they're separate from Riku and Cria.)
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#102
Hey Gari! Ready to finish the fight?
"To be, or not to be, that is the question..."
Maybe a bit overdone, but ehh....

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#103
Suddenly, right from behind Ace, Bill appears, leaping directly towards him, sword overhead, and very quiet! He brings the blade down.
"To be, or not to be, that is the question..."
Maybe a bit overdone, but ehh....

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#104
Dawn and Rose strolled around the city, looking for Dawn's true love. While walking around the city, citizens stared at them like freaks.
"Just because a girl is walking around with a Reshiram doesn't mean she's a freak.", thought Dawn.
A citizen asked,"Hey, girl! Why are your ears like that?"
Dawn's face turned red with embarrassment and she hid her sylveon ears in her hair.
"Oh, I'm just one of those anime cosplayers!", shouted Dawn.
The citizen walked away.
Rose paused for a second and said to Dawn, "I'm shocked that nobody tried to kill me yet.".
"You know, they may think that you were never cured from the mio accident fifteen years ago.", said Dawn.
"But I was always a Reshiram!", shouted Rose.
Dawn sighed. "Whatever."
Both dragon and human continued to walk through the city known as Viridian, which became a megalopolis.
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#105
Ace felt the blade penetrate his skull. "Damn!" he thought as his blood freely flowed from his temple. He moved forward to avoid further damage, and ran away from what he was certain to be a devil, cursing his life. His legs flared up with even more fire than was previously present, and he, bleeding head and all, flew in the direction of an unprecedented location: A city.
I'd be unstoppable if it weren't for law enforcement and physics.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#106
At a Mountain above the Chandler Residence...
A Group of Armored People were staring at Tyler, Riku, and Cria as they left inside.
Soldier: General, The Battalion is ready. Can we strike now?
???: No. Not until Midnight. Then we move forward. Understood?
Soldier: Yes, General Kite.
The Soldier left.
Kite: (These fools. They don't know the real reason I'm here is under his lordship's orders. Ha! He would crush these soldiers into a pebble if he could come. As he is healing though, I will take the march.)
Kite waited for Midnight to come.

(I'll Register Kite after my next post. Also, these Soldiers will play a part in my story like Team Conquest is in TVirus. They wield both Swords/Lances, and a Spirit Sign.)
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#107
In the middle of walking,Dawn thought of something.
"Rose, do you ever think the only reasons I haven't found my true love was-
"What, Dawn?", asked Rose.
"Maybe a man doesn't want to spend the rest of his life with a sign bearer.", said Dawn.
Rose was shocked and she shouted, "Don't say that! There's a true love for everyone, no matter how nerdy, ugly, or evil they are!"
"That's it!", shouted Dawn.
"What is it?", Rose asked.
Dawn cheered and said, "Maybe I could fall in love with a sign bearer like me! Can you fly me to Starshine Village?"
Dawn hopped onto Rose's back, and Rose flew to Starshine Village.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#108
When Rose and Dawn made it to Starshine Village, Dawn looked around for anyone who would suit her tastes.
"Nobody...", she mumbled.
"What about that linoone boy over there? He looks pretty sexy.", whispered Rose.
"Not in my opinion.", Dawn whispered back, "It's hopeless; I'll never find my true love."
"No. Don't say that.", Rose said, "Look, you were even lucky to have a pony like Chack just for that little time. Look at me! Do you even think I have a chance with anyone that isn't a dragon like me? You're the lucky one, and you have a chance with someone. Just look for him, act like yourself, and never quit."
"Thank you, Rose.", cried Dawn as she hugged Rose.
"That's what I'm here for.", Rose replied.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#109
Chandler Residence, 12:00 pm, midnight....
Riku: Zzz....zzzzz......
Cria: Hm......
Suddenly there was a loud boom.
Riku: What the?!
Cria: Huh?!
A Cloaked Figure walked into the room.
Kite: You Two are coming with me.
Riku: Oh? And why is that?
Cria: Mom! Dad!
Kite: It's no use. Our Soldiers are fighting them right now.
Kite drew his Broadsword at the twins.
Kite: You have no chance in escaping. Surrender yourselves.
Riku and drew their blades.
Riku: I don't think so.
Kite: I see. In that case... Prepare to die!
Kite revealed a Spirit Sign: A Wyvern with Darkness glowing from it.
Riku: No!
Kite Turned into a Yveltal, and readied himself for attack. The Yveltal had Kite's blade in his talon.
Yveltal-Kite: Ha! You can't stop me! Go, Sky Attack!
The Yveltal zoomed forward with Blue Energy, knocking Riku into Wall. the Wall collapsed, and the Yveltal flew outside until it was in alignment with the Moon.
Riku: Ugh... Cria, Use Rhyperior!
Cria: Right!
Cria Summoned her Spirit Rhyperior and had him use Rock Wrecker. The Attack hit Yveltal, knocking him to the Ground.
Yveltal-Kite: How Dare you! Take this!
The Yveltal zoomed forward, and Stabbed Riku with his Blade.
Cria: Riku! No!
Riku: You idiotic girl. We've got Demon Blood, Remember?!
Cria: Oh, Yeah!
Yveltal-Kite: My Master told me this would happen. Now, To try things in my own hands!
The Yveltal turned into Kite. He zoomed forward, with his blade ready. Above him, and Spiritual Yveltal Appeared.
Riku: Not good.
Cria was knocked back by Kite's blade. Before she could react, the Yveltal zoomed in and Sky Attacked her into the Air.
Kite: Prepare to Die!
Kite jumped up, and proceeded to stab Cria. Riku jumped up though, and clashed with Kite. The two fell to the ground and began clashing.
Riku: Naglfar!
Kite: Gleipnir!
The Two Dark Spells clashed, and disappeared. Riku got the upper hand though, and Stabbed through Kite.
Kite: Ugh!
Riku: Ha, You lose.
Kite: Not quite. Let me show you my power. The Power.... of the SpiritFire!
Riku: The What?!
Riku and Cria were blasted away. Kite began to transform. His hands Turned into Talons, and he grew Wings that looked like Yveltal's. The Spirit Yveltal was gone. His helm transformed to look like Yveltal's head. His Sword transformed to have Three Talon like edges.
Cria: W-What is....
Kite: Behold my power!
Kite zoomed in at powerful speed, and Furiously stabbed Riku and Cria. Before they could react, he launched them to the Air, then stabbed at them more. He finally Knocked them to the ground.
Kite: You lose. Now, any last words before we leave?
???: Yeah, This. Credillylad!
The Light spell blasted Kite away. Tyler ran forward.
Tyler: Well, this is different.
Kite: Tyler. My Master told me about you. He wants me to take you as well, but that might be a stretch. Aw, Well. We can find room for your head!
Tyler: (Sounds like He is busy again.)
Tyler began casting a dark spell, as Kite zoomed forward. He was interrupted by a light arrow. Erika ran forward.
Cria: Mom! Dad!
Tyler: Riku, Cria. You have to get away.
Riku: What?! But-
Tyler: These are my orders! This spell might separate you both, but you must get away! Now, Go!
Riku: Wait, Father!
Cria: Mom!
Erika: We'll be alright! We'll be together again soon!
Riku and Cria began disappearing.
Riku: No! Father, we can fight him!
Tyler: Not yet. You must live. Trust me on this.
Riku slowly nodded, as they disappeared.
Cria: No!
Riku: Until we meet again....

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User Info: -Chak-

4 years ago#110

I'm thinking on how to do my introduction part, so don't go too far ahead. (or in other words, i have no idea on what to do)
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