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Pokemon Rp: Spirit Fire! Part 1!

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User Info: TriforceKeyblad

4 years ago#231
(Well, I'll be gone for about three hours. If anyone has any ideas for Jeremy, please give them to me. I am at a loss.)
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#232
Arthur's Side

Castella City

The noontime light nearly blinds me. After spending the last night sleeping in a cheep hotel with the money I got from beating some losers in battles, I stood bored out of my mind in line for the tournament signups. The line took up nearly three entire streets. I had arrived early in the morning, so I had a leg up. Judging from my distance to the entrance, I had under twenty minutes before I got to sign up.

Eyes from practically every person in the city beamed on me. Some looked with curiosity, some with fear, others with hatred. It seemed humans didn't pop up here often. Not that I cared.

About thirty minutes later, I arrived at the front sign up desk. A sour young woman greeted me.

"Hello," she spat out. "Are you here for the sign ups?"

"Yeah," I replied, trying to be polite.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, dripping with sarcasm, "we don't accept humans in the competition. Have a good day."

I took a double take. "No, I'm here to apply," I replied. "I have perfectly good money."

"I am so sorry sir, but we don't accept pure humans in the competition."

I rolled my eyes. I slipped a twenty under the table. I saw her eyes light up.

"Thank you for your cooperation," she said as she slipped me a piece of paper. "Just register your team on the sheet over there, put it in the application box, and we'll see you next week."

I smiled. You could always grease the wheels.

Rules were made to get screwed.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#233
RIKU'S Story
Outside Lumiose City
Riku looked around. He saw a town nearby, but the rest was either Forest or other things.
Riku: Well, this Region DID just Surface....
Riku went down to the town.

CRIA'S Story
Starshine Village
Cria Saw the town was in somewhat Ruins.
Cria: Whoa, what....
Man: It was them.... Team Conquest.
Woman: They.... came and....
Cria: Team Conquest.... Ha! What a funny name!
Rhyperior: ...! (That is not the point in this issue!)
Cria: Oh, right! They can't be allowed to continue this-
Cria then got blasted back. She saw a hooded figure pointing at her, then walking away.
Cria: Hey, Wait!
Rhyperior: ....! (No, Don't! It's too Dangerous!)
Cria didn't listen, and pursued the Hooded figure.

KITE'S Story
Chandler Residence, LotR/SS
Kite jumped back. Tyler and him clashed again.
Tyler: Your good.
Kite: Of course i am! I am the pupil of the greatest Dark Soldier in the entire World!
Tyler: Sounds like he's been telling you lies.
Kite: Shut up!
Kite and Tyler clashed again.
Tyler: Naglfar!
Kite: Gleipnir!
The spells clashed, then disappeared.
Tyler: Now, to end this-
???: AH!!!!!!!
Tyler: Erika?!
Kite looked. He saw Erika fall unconscious, with someone right above her.
Tyler: You!
Kite: Master!
???: Now now, Tyler. Let's not be so hasty. We only came for you, and those Children. Where are they?
Tyler: Ha! I Sent them off. They're probably hundreds of miles away from here!
???: I see. In that case.... Kite, Now.
Kite: Right, Master!
Kite transformed into his SpiritFire form.
Tyler: What is that?!
???: I have found a new power that even YOU can't possess.
Kite: Farewell.
Kite then crushed into Tyler.
Tyler: Ugh! No....
???/Kite: Gleipnir!
The two spells combined, and blasted Tyler into a rock. He fell unconscious.
???: Now that we got him, we just need those foolish brats.
Kite: .... The boy is in Karos.
???: I See. Go. I will inform our other servant to find the girl.
Kite: Yes, Master.
Kite took off.
Kite: You will not get away from me again, kid.

(No, the Hooded figure is NOT related to kingdom hearts.)
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#234
TriforceKeyblad posted...
(Well, I'll be gone for about three hours. If anyone has any ideas for Jeremy, please give them to me. I am at a loss.)

Well, where's Jeremy right now?
"You don't have an inferiority complex, you're just inferior."
-Sarcastic Announcer in Wave Race

User Info: TriforceKeyblad

4 years ago#235
ThatPersonGuy posted...
TriforceKeyblad posted...
(Well, I'll be gone for about three hours. If anyone has any ideas for Jeremy, please give them to me. I am at a loss.)

Well, where's Jeremy right now?

He's pretty much just wandering.
I am me. Nobody else. Got it memorized?
The world's made up of numbers. Do the math and you'll find your desired solution.

User Info: thebrawler56

4 years ago#236
Jakiah was fairly suprised at the note. Why did his dad tell him to find her? It must be pretty important then. It got dark. Jakiah thought to himself, I need to get ahold of her... I wonder if I can get something done the same way she got ahold of me. After that, he wrote a letter.

To Ruby

It is very urgent that I see you in person. You can come to my hotel room if you wish, but I must see you.

From Jakiah

He opened his window. A Hoothoot flew down. He attached the letter to Hoothoot. And it flew off... He stood there looking at the window. But then he took his attention to his bag. There was a big box inside... Why does my dad force me to deliver this myself? Couldn't he have used mail?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#237
Garvis and Haunter took the ferry to Mt. Pyre once they reached the dock. The trip was short, as it soon arrived at the entrance of the large, mountain cemetery.

Garvis ----- "Let's see the Shrine!"
Haunter ---- "The one with the Orbs?"
Garvis ---- "That's the one."
Haunter ----- "I don't know...I-I'm picking up strange vibes from there..."
Garvis ---- "We can handle it!"

Haunter didn't look convinced, but headed in with Garvis anyways. The took a left, and went onto the path up to the summit. The wild Vulpix and Shuppet didn't mind their presence much, only glancing at the travelers. A light fog settled in, growing thicker as they climbed up.


Henry was swimming around. As a Froakie, he was adept at aquatic movement. He dove into the waters.

The sight of the world beneath the waves was spectacular. It brought forth a rare smile, as Henry felt happy seeing it. He dove deeper, and landed on a Wailmer.

Henry ---- "Hello."
Wailmer ---- "Howdy Mr. Froakie. Say, your kind doesn't normally live here. What brings you so far from Karos?"
Henry ----- "...I'm special."

Henry choked on the word. It was a lie. He wasn't special, not like his siblings. He was ordinary. He was plain. He was...Henry.

Wailmer ---- "Sumthin' wrong?"
Henry ---- "Nothing. Nice chatting with you."

Henry got off, and swam towards the surface. When he broke through, he looked around, and realized that Lila was now by the waters, looking at him.

Lila ---- "Henry! You finally came out of that shell!"
Henry --- "Lila...."

He swam towards the shore. As he got out of the water, Lila scooped him up in her hands, and patted his head.

Henry ---- "Stop that!"
Lila ----- "You finally going to stop being a sourpuss?"

Henry deshifted, and fell on Lila. He got up, brushed himself off, and headed towards their house.

Henry ---- "That was rather clumsy of you."
Lila ---- "What's that supposed to mean?"

Lila ran after Henry.


The fog was thick at the summit. Garvis couldn't make out anything a few feet ahead of him.

Haunter ----- "We s-should probably head back..."
Garvis ----- "Right when we're so close to seeing the Red and Blue Orbs? No way!"
Haunter ---- "B-but the fog is th-thicker than normal..."

Garvis took that into consideration, but banished the thought. They went onwards, only to be stopped by Duskull and Dusclops.

Garvis ----- "W-what?"
Haunter ----- "I warned you about thick fog, brah!"
Garvis ---- "When did you gain the Gunner's lingo?"
Haunter ----- "The what?"
Garvis ---- "Doesn't matter, prepare to defend yourself!"

As the Ghosts surrounded the two, Garvis noticed something was off. These Dusclops and Duskull seemed...blank. As if being controlled.

Garvis ------ "Haunter, Dark Pulse!"
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User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#238
I'm out of ideas for where Rye and Zri are. So could someone give me some ideas for what happens in the town Zri and Rye are in.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#239
"At any rate, we're leaving this city," Alucio said, dropping the last of the coins into his Coin Case. "After we cash these coins, of course."

"Leaving? For where?" Zorua asked.

"I'm not sure yet. But I know we can't stick around this place for much longer," answered Alucio as he closed up the Case.

"Are we just going to keep running all our lives?" Zorua inquired. "Will we ever settle down? You are quite talented; I bet you could easily find yourself a decent job."

Alucio stopped as he approached the bright, flashing lights that surround the Game Corner. "I'm sure I could," Alucio responded. "If only I didn't find the working life insufferably boring."

Although he resided in Alucio's mind, the Zorua could still let out a heavy sigh. "What are you going to do with your life?"

Alucio placed the Coin Case on the counter and opened it. The female clerk was shocked to see it filled so completely, but didn't hesitate to quickly and efficiently trade for PokéBucks. After thanking her and leaving the building, Alucio looked off into the horizon.

"You know... I never thought I'd ever miss the church. But... Those days are behind me," Alucio spoke.

He exited the city gates, a ludicrous amount of money - and cards - stored in his leather satchel.

(Triforce, our characters can encounter each other if you want ^_^)
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#240
After running for a good bit, Bill finally made it to a secluded area in the midst of the woods.

Bill: This place'll be perfect to train and develope new moves.

With that, Bill began practicing. Trying to move unseen through the area, attempting teleportation across short distances. He practiced fighting larger well guarded enemies, going over how to disable them. And he practiced against smaller enemies, using his weight to his advantage, and maneuvering to disallow any advantage through leverage. He worked on creating toxic fields that would choke out an opponent, and on poisoning people through a mere touch. He then began to continue to master gengar's powerful moveset of special attacks. Firing them into different targets until they were destroyed

Indeed, he continued working, failing often, but never giving up.

He then began to try to develope his own ideas, learned from his fight yesterday.

Bill: Hmm.... yesterday, I saw them do an interesting trick... He had his spirit pokemon seperate off to attack us.... Maybe, we could try the same?

Gengar: Hmm... seems interesting. Let's try coming up with some strategies.... We need to be more powerful if we wish to fulfill your plans...

With that, the two began working on strategies and testing them out. It all went horribly at first, but as the day wore on, they began to get a little better at it.

They continued on for hours and hours, working hard to get stronger, and more able to carry out their attacks. Until finally, the sun began to set, and they had to go home. They were bruised and battered from numerous miscues, and had had little success, but it was a start, and they hoped to get better from there.
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