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Weird routines

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User Info: JuliMizrahi

4 years ago#1
What is your personal tradition? Something you've done for as long as it was possible and just never got away from. And I don't mean "hold B"... We all know that doesn't actually work, but I'm pretty sure a lot of us still do it, knowing it doesn't.

Personally, the only thing I can think of though I'm sure I have a lot more I'm not aware of...

All Legendaries are caught in Premier Balls.

High level? Don't care. Ridiculous cath rate? Don't care. Runs away after the first turn? Still don't care. If they're a legendary, they are going in a plain white premier ball.
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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#2
My team must be in Pokeballs and HMs, at least the must haves, must be distributed among them.
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User Info: Great_Reapette

4 years ago#3
Save every twenty seconds unless I'm SRing.
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User Info: caddiw

4 years ago#4
All of these except the first post & double checking that the pokemon I don't want to evolve haven't due to negligence
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User Info: mehmetski

4 years ago#5
always have the bycicle on select/Y and always need to have a fly and surf pokemon, as well as saving my masterball for a (never appearing) shiny.

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#6
If there's a Poke ball design on the floor, I must have my character stand in the exact center before saving twice. I also tend to have at least 30 Ultra balls in my inventory at all times.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#7
The first eevee of each generation that I get always becomes a jolteon
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User Info: zinformant

4 years ago#8
Since 2005 or six, I've given Pokemon I raise almost exclusively people names. Prior to that, naming was a mess, so I've followed a very easy system since then. Males get boys' names. Females get girls' names. Genderless get creative with the occasional people name, and legendaries that there are only one of (e.g. not Articuno or Latias) keep their species name because that, then, is their name.
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User Info: rawxfoxdog

4 years ago#9
I get ny starter over powerd before i even begin to catch anything. Like i stay on the piece of grass til im level 14. Im usually evolved befote i even get to catch anything. My rule is if a level 2 -6 can survive a middle stage attack then it has earned a spot on my team
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User Info: jacko_vdz

4 years ago#10
Catching a flying pokemon asap and using it on my team, even if they sometimes struggle to be useful in lategame. Pidgey, Tailow, Starly, Pidove.
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