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Should I go into this game blindly?

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User Info: Mephilas

4 years ago#11
To answer your question, yes if you want to enjoy the game.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#12
Chocolateluverx posted...
BottledPoe posted...
I think it's a good idea, it mirrors your first Pokemon game in feeling.

I'm going to do a version of a nuzlocke on my first game and then the other game go through very meticulously.

What is a Nuzlocke? And why is it named after one of my favorite 3rd Gen Pokemon with the letter "e" added to the end? I ask because the Seedot/Nuzlock/Shiftry line is one of my favorite, although I prefer Ludicolo a bit better than Shiftry =p

The Gen III Pokemon is Nuzleaf. Bulbapedia has an article on the challenge.
nuskooI posted...
You nooblet mainstreamers and your reverse nostalgia.

User Info: Gemininoiser

4 years ago#13
I wouldn't recommend going blind because you might die before the game is released. There will be way too many new stuff announcements before the game comes out that resisting to spoil yourself will be enough to kill you. Take my advice, I don't have to watch another person throw their life away early when the world is such a good place.
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User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#14
At first I wanted to go blindly into this generation, but I realized pretty soon that it was going to be nearly impossible to ignore all the new information, seeing how places like YouTube and Reddit will always have Pokemon stuff all over the place, and I'd see new information even if I didn't want to.
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