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God, I can't play the old games anymore

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User Info: Izaya_san

4 years ago#11

User Info: Shadow_StarWolf

4 years ago#12
I know right? It's troubling to play HG/SS because it's slooooow even without battle animation. And it lacks infinite TM.

User Info: zado19

4 years ago#13
From: DoctorJimmy133 | #009
It is annoying to have to put up with no Physical/Special split.

playing Stadium on my computer was pretty hard bc of this
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#14
I still play R/B/Y from time to time. Picked it up today and played, in fact. I'm still finding glitched entries in the Hall of Fame the likes of which I've never seen before. I have an entire team of Glitch Pokémon. In fact, right now, my team consists of:

Missingno. (Aerodactyl Skeleton Form; nicknamed Skelefly) lv. 66
Fire Spin
Hyper Beam

h Poké lv. 100
Night Shade
Confuse Ray
Double Team

A lv. 100
Hydro Pump
Pay Day

Missingno. (Normal Form) lv. 100
Hyper Beam
Sky Attack
Water Gun

'M lv. 100
Mega Kick

.4 lv. 100
Hyper Beam
Dragon Rage
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User Info: LinktheMan46

4 years ago#15
I can still play any of them, but playing RBY isn't nearly as fun as playing FRLG. However, almost all of the games from 3rd gen back are massively hindered by lacking the newer features, with the physical/special split being the most prominent, to me.
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User Info: Wallydraigle

4 years ago#16
It's almost like the new games are better than the old ones in every way imaginable or something.
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User Info: TruePowerSeeker

4 years ago#17
The only reason I ever play my old Blue is so I can fight Missingno. other than that I never really pull out the old gameboy.

I don't see myself playing Black 2 after X and Y because we are finally getting 3D models.

User Info: Quesker

4 years ago#18
I can pretty much never play RB and GS ever again (maybe Yellow and Crystal, but even then, it's likely that they'll fall in the same category), and even the 3rd gen games are starting to show their age. Also, there's quite a bit of differences between DP and Platinum that makes playing DP feel....awkward.
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User Info: Gsus_94

4 years ago#19
DoctorJimmy133 posted...
It is annoying to have to put up with no Physical/Special split.

True, but it can also be pretty fun sometimes. Hyperbeam in the first generation is a prime example lol
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User Info: KyrieIrving

4 years ago#20
I can only play the original god Pokemon games.
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