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Pokemon RP: Spirit Fire! Pt. 2

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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#291
Changlini posted...
Team Conquest fits the evil team that's everywhere(The LotSS are Neutral, and Team Plasma hasn't yet made their grand debut yet.).

The disaster can also work, but it'd need build up( like start of splitting the Pangeae continent).

And the tournament thing only has the power creep to deal with..

Hmm.. Team conquest is currently the most present, and relevant plot point happening right now, so we should do that.

I wanted Plasma to come out against Conquest in a fight over Castella, but I'm not sure.
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#292
ThatPersonGuy posted...
TableFlip posted...
ThatPersonGuy posted...
ThatPersonGuy posted...

This is why I was worried about you guys going your seperate ways.

I technically quit because of that random encounter with you and Proto >_>

Also, this will be archived soon!

Damn it!

Don't quit because of that!

Besides, without you this whole thing will die...

I quit his group. Post up soon.
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#293
(And now for my side show)

In the woods outside the mysterious village, Anthea, Kris, Eric, Micaiah, and Ari fought against an oncoming Conquest army, numbering in the hundreds if not over a thousand.

Anthea: Kris, what have you found out? Where did all these guys come from?

She flew over the crowd, taking out important looking targets with a flurry of bug buzzes and sonicbooms. Kris hid behind a tree, probing the army as Micaiah and Ari defended him from wayward shots.

Kris: Well wherever they're headed, it's not the village. It's in the way, they intend to just trample it and move on. their current trajectory indicates Castelia.

Eric burst out from the ground, toppling some of Conquest's heavy artillery. Flame bursts exploded in strategically placed locations, forcing the army to bottleneck as it passed through the woods.

Eric: There's so many of them! how could you possibly recruit this many people?

Ari stood by Kris and Micaiah's side, cloaking the trio in acid armor.

Ari: They don't seem human...whoever they are, they just don't feel like they're alive.

Micaiah was fairly certain that Ari was aura sensitive like Zeke. The things she "felt" were often the truth.

Kris: I agree. Their minds are robotic, which also makes them harder to search. Even I couldn't brainwash a human to this level.

Micaiah: So we shouldn't feel bad about killing them en masse then, right? I could use some target practice.

Anthea buzzed in

Anthea: There's too many of them, and they just don't stay down. I've never seen someone take a sonicboom to the face and keep walking. We should slow them down as much as possible for now, before they hit the city. Kris, give them some early warning. Tell them to evacuate, or ready a defense.

Kris blinked out into thin air, teleporting towards the city. Micaiah and Ari turned to face the oncoming legion.

Micaiah: It's been a while since I've had to fight. Get behind me Ari, this could get sticky.

Ari did as she was told, as Micaiah's twin Mawile jaw spades attached to her arms, and bent vaguely into the shape of canons.

Micaiah: How do you like my take on thunder fang?

A continuous stream of electrified metal shards burst from her arms, paralyzing those that it didn't instantly incapacitate. While the attack was strong, nothing stopped the army from advancing further, inching closer to the city every second.
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User Info: Pendragon71037

4 years ago#294
(I might be able to post once in a while now, so yeah.)
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#295
(I am feeling tired, going to rest a bit after this post >.>)

[Grunt 1]
(Below AURF)

Everything was bright, the soil of the sea bed was as dusty, and lumpy as a sidewalk freshly paved with cement. And past a few Lanturns that were swimming away into the dark abyss; we see the team of Divers swimming into a tunnel of sorts. And despite having seen many things, the grunt was amazed at what he was looking at.

Grunt 1----- ''Those rails.. the sight of those pokemon moving the crates!''
Swampert------- ''Heh, you should see the view at the end of the tunnel!''
Diver 2-------- ''Yeah Yeah, we're getting close.''
Grunt 1---- ''Great Googly..''

The sight before the Aged Grunt was amazing, for there was a large pocket of activity within the Octagonal clearing that contained countless works of machinery, and a vast number of able water pokemon working together with humans. Only for the center to reveal a large device that seemed to have black spikes coming out of it, looking like a hand grasping for something!

Diver 2------ ''Alright.. um..''
Grunt 1-------- '' Call me Rider.''
Swampert ------ ''Yeah, Rider, let's move it!''

Quickly, and carefully, the swampert tugged the Aged Grunt deeper into the view.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#296
"What he is doing is nothing!" Jace thought. He was looking down in disappointment. The region he was champion in was being taken over. "MY REGION!" Jace said as he shot a severe hurricane force storm from above.
The other true Pokemon fan.
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#297
Pendragon71037 posted...
(I might be able to post once in a while now, so yeah.)

(Glad to see you're back)

Zeke scanned the battlefield that once was Undella town. He put togekiss in charge of battle mode as he focused his attention on his task, finding Trevor.

Before he found that however, the unsettling nature of the soldiers down below caught him off guard. They didn't have aura, and their thoughts were a mess of brainwashed single mindedness. Zeke decided this needed closer observation.

Diving down, he grabbed a random soldier and took him up into the air, psychically dismantling his weapon as he ascended. Zeke tore off his helmet to find a bald head without a face.

The soldier reached out and grabbed Zeke by the throat, it's lifeless eyes continuing to stare straight ahead. A slash grid immediately dropped around Zeke, tearing the soldier off Zeke's body, dropping it to the ground. It's hand was still gripping tightly to his neck.

Zeke pulled off the hand and inspected what it was made of. It felt like normal human flesh, but these things were most definitely not human. They left behind a distinct lack of blood. These things were either imprinted with psychic programming, or are being being controlled by a very powerful psychic. Zeke couldn't sense anyone like that nearby, but it's very possible they could be hidden.

He turned his attention to the artillery units. A score of what looked like spider legged tanks were making their way across the shore.Those looked heavily guarded enough to actually have someone real inside of them. But Trevor came first.

Zeke called out to Jace psychically

"See if you can do something about those tanks. I don't like the look of those things."
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#298
Jace shifted into Alakazam in front of Zeke. "I AM THE STRONGEST PSYCHIC THERE IS!" Jace said in a fury. "PSYCHIC STORM!"

The tanks flew off the ground and soon exploded! "I AM CHAMPION OF UNOVA!" Jace said. He sensed a strong psychic energy nearby but couldn't pinpoint the location. It was well hidden!
The other true Pokemon fan.
Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#299
Zeke saw the chaos Jace was causing as thought to himself.

Remind me to not get on his bad side. At least they're all distracted from me now.

As the army turned their attention and guns towards the Alakazam figure in the sky, Zeke flew down to Trevor's house on the cliff. The Slowking hybrid sensed his coming and was already there to greet him.

Zeke: Trevor! You need to get out of here. Also, I need to get under the water again. That trick you did to let me dive, I need you to teach it to me, and fast.

Trevor: It was just skill swap, except I swapped a move's effect instead of abilities. I can try to show you that but we don't have much time, they're already on their way.

Zeke: I can trance at 12x regular time. We have 5 minutes until they get here, can you teach me in an hour?

Trevor: I guess it's worth a shot. But hurry!

Zeke had Togekiss keep a watch out on the defense as Zeke entered a hasty psychic trance
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#300
"By the name of...." Jace said unfinished as he was shot out of the sky. A voice entered his head as he went unconscious.

"Spirit Fire Activate!" The mysterious voice said. Jace didn't force the shift as he was some how in his Therian Forme. Thundurus now had hair of thunder. His body was covered as a current of electricity formed his Spirit Fire armor! It was of a black and sky blue Adamantium armor that shined even at night. His tail turned into a five-mace swing!

(Will continue later. Store and then dinner. Post not finished.)
The other true Pokemon fan.
Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.
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