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Pokemon RP: Spirit Fire! Pt. 2

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#311
Bump, bump, bump, bump, staying alive!

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#312
(Sorry, for short post. Can't think of how to move things forward for my characters.)

RIKU'S Story
Riku blocked Cria's next attack.
Cria: ....
Riku: Cria! What are you doing?!
Chack: You know her?!
Riku: Yeah, she's my Sister!
Chack: ... Oh.
Cria: ....
Riku dodged a Swing, and was knocked back by Cria's next strike.
Cria: ....
Riku: Cria! Answer me, Now!
Kite appeared.
Kite: Cria! His Lordship wants you back at base, now. Something just happened, it's urgent.
Cria nodded, and followed Kite.
Riku: Cria! You... what have you done to her?!
Kite: It is not your concern. Just do what you want, little Princling. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
Kite and Cria disappeared into Darkness.
Riku: Cria.... what have they done to you...?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#313
Garvis had a confused look.

Garvis ----- "How can we be your grandchildren? We're not angels."
Twila ----- "I do not know why that is. What matters is this stone."

She lifted the grey stone up from her chest. It had a mild chill to it.

Henry ---- "Why would that be?"
Twila ---- "This stone, you see, holds your child."
Lila ---- "So Dad's locked up in a stone, so what?"
Henry ---- "Lila! That was rude!"

Twila shook her head.

Twila ---- "You're probably aware of these beings running around in trench coats, commanding similar typed Pokémon, calling themselves the League."
Garvis ---- "We've encountered them plenty."
Twila ---- "Your father's connection to puts him at risk."
Lila ---- "But he's a stone."
Henry ---- "Zekrom and Reshiram revert into the Dark and Light Stones upon expending all of their energy. You don't suppose..."
Twila ---- "Yes. This stone is him, because he and Kyurem are dormant. Been so for 15 years."
Garvis ---- "Can I-"

She nodded. Garvis steppes forward, and took the stone in his hands. He felt a faint familiarity with it.


He stiffened, then relaxed and hugged Twila.

Henry ---- "Garvis?"
Garvis ----- "We...why was this hidden from us?"
Twila ---- "Your mother wished you to live normal lives. If you knew of your heritage..."
Lila ----- "Right, how could we see ourselves in the same light?"
Twila ----- "Take it. Perhaps you three can awaken your father and Kyurem from their slumber."

She gently removed the necklace the stone was attached to, and placed it on Garvis.

Henry ----- "What about you?"
Twila ---- "I will continue to watch you from above. Malevolent things are underfoot, you need to be cautious."
Garvis ---- "Understood."

She smiled, and kissed each of them goodbye. Afterwards, a calming light enveloped her, and she was gone. Garvis looked at the stone.

Garvis ---- "Let's go. Off to Dragonspiral Tower."
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#314
Announcer: Now then! let's meet the contestants!

Suddenly, spotlights began to glare down along the different podiums, revealing several contestants!

Announcer: Now..... contestant number 1, is a small town dude with lots of tude.... His name is.... Luuuude!!

Lude: Thank you, it's a pleasure to be on this show to-*shot*

Announcer: *looking down at Lude lying in his own puddle of blood* Tsk tsk tsk.... looks like he just wasn't cut out... Next up, we have Fraaank, from the small town of Dread-killer-murder-ville.

Frank: .....

Announcer: Now that's more like it! Now, our third contestant is the supreme ninja, Biiiiiiilll!

Bill: **** this. I wanna leave.

Announcer: Oh, and you will! But not before you answer one question: You see a line in front of you, it's long, and the area is hot... write down what do you do?

With resentment, Bill sets about writing down his answer, while the other man follows suit.

Announcer: Ok... times up.. let's see the answers.... Frank's answer is.... Wait in line patiently! Sorry Frank, but you are incorrect.

Suddenly, Frank was shot too.

Announcer: Now... to see Bill's answer... Will he take home the grand prize? Bill's answer waaaaass: I'd kill the whole line, steal the wares, then run out of the building after setting it on fire, laughing.


Announcer: You did it! You've won the competition!

Bill: And?

Announcer: Your prize, is you get to have this wonderful set of guns.... and this MOTORCYCLE!!!

A curtain is drawn to reveal a fine motorcycle!

Announcer: This motorcycle was once owned by the baddest guy in the world! However, recently, he went into hiding and left these things behind! They're all yours now! Because you are bad enough to handle them!

Bill: Hmph. Whatever.

With that, he leaps onto the motorcycle, and drives it through the side of the building... Heading off for who knows where....

Announcer: Cool until the end, I see.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#315
(By One Day I meant a large gap of time)

Arthur's Side

The man takes his seat.

"Team Plasma is an international group working for the rights of pure humanity," he explains.

I raise an eyebrow.

"Plasma was founded over thirty years ago by Ghetsis Harmonica, a man who worked for the separation of Pokemon and Humans in an attempt to prevent such a catastrophe from happening," continued the man. "Over time, he put his faith in a suitable heir, his own son, known only as N Harmonica. N became the "prince" of Team Plasma, going out into the world to convince it of its wrong doings. However, Plasma's efforts became... distorted."

*Scene of Herbert facing down Ghetsis*

"Plasma emerged later in the form of Neo Team Plasma, a team obsessed with control and domination. However, somehow, the core of Plasma remained, even throughout all of the corruption and lies. The Prince returned to the throne, and peace was restored. N was never seen again."

*Scene of N + Nate facing down Kyurem*

"And now that brings us to the present. Plasma remerged into the scene years ago by Lord Castillion, a very wealthy man and former grunt. He used his influence to practically rule over Unova, gaining influence that stretched over the seas. Castillion managed to bring together men and women from all over to work with him in his goals in securing the future of humanity. In fact, he even managed to bring together the sea's many pirates into one, united fleet."

*Flashes of Markie getting captured by the pirates and slowly working up through the ranks*

"I had a rough start getting into Plasma, I must admit. But, when it all hits the fan, I guess there are some risks you have to take,"

*Image of Team Conquest's flag*

"Plasma has always had enemies, like any large organization. However... one was different. They didn't want peace. They didn't want bargains. All they wanted was control. All they wanted was death."

*Airship plummets to ocean*

"There was nothing we could do. They had technology far ahead of anything we had access to. We've managed to hold them back from conquering all of Unova, where our HQ is, but..."

His words were cut short by the sound of gunfire. "Everyone on the ground!" ordered a heavily armed soldier. On his chest was the insignia of a C. "I said, EVERYONE ON THE GROUND."
"You don't have an inferiority complex, you're just inferior."
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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#316
Zeke opened his eyes, done with Trevor's move tutoring. He picked up Trevor and quickly flew off his house on the cliff, which was soon overrun by Conquest soldiers.

Zeke: Do you have anywhere else to go?

Trevor: No, but this is my home as much as anyone else's. I might be old but I'm going to fight!

Zeke: Suit yourself. Where to?

Trevor pointed to an area in the town, where a united group of trainers and hybrids were protecting the pokemon center form the oncoming army. Zeke flew over and dropped Trevor down, who immediately psyshocked two soldiers to the ground.

Zeke: Good luck friend. Now, onto my mission.

As submarines were dropped into the bay, Zeke flew past the drop point, taking a swan dive into Undella bay. He quickly found a Basculin, and used his new copycat move to give himself the ability to breathe underwater. With a thank you to the water type, he dove into the ruins

Meanwhile on the surface, drill-tipped mech units emerged from the ground, two legs anchoring them in place. Their legs vibrated and quaked, liquifying the earth of Undella town, sinking trees and buildings into the sand.
Sound good?

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#317
(I'm going to try to be more active in this. I'm not sure what has recently happened though.)

Cria and Kite was back at base.
Kite: Alright, why are we here? I was JUST about to rip off that Keldeo's neck!
Cria: ....
XI: Silence, Kaito.
Kite: I Told you NOT to call me by that name!
V: Eh. It sounds more Intimidating then "Kite" To say the least.
Kite: ....
Vortex: Enough! We have an urgent foe who must be taken care of.
II: Is it that meddlesome boy?
Cria: ....
Vortex: No. It is not.
VII: Then who is it? We must know!
Vortex: It is a group called Team Conquest. They have been causing trouble, and have been interfering with our operations. They must be destroyed.
Kite: I'll go take care of them!
Cria: ....
Vortex: Very well, Kaito. Yes, that name does sound better.... But someone else will have to accompany you.
IX: I'll go.
Vortex: Hm. Very well, Lari. Go, and wreck those Fools to pieces.
Lari turned into a Volcarona, and roared.
Lari: I'll do my best, Sire.
Kite: ... Right. Me too.
The two disappeared.
Official Co-Leader of Team Miror Infinity. Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#318
(Hello? Anyone here? Come on. Don't tell me when i finally start posting again everyone goes and disappears. Also, WARNING. Pretty Emotional Scene below. Read with Caution.)

RIKU'S Story
Chandler Residence
Riku: Oh, my god....
Riku ran up to his home, which was in Ruins.
Chack: This is your home?
Riku: Yes, it looked far better..... Mother! Father! Are you there?!
No Response.
Riku: Mother! Father! Where are you?!
???: R-Ri...ku....?
Riku: That Voice...!
Riku looked, and saw a woman stuck in a pile of rubble.
Chack: ....
Riku: Mother!
Riku moved the rubble off of Erika, who was severely wounded.
Erika: I'm... glad you are safe.... but where is Cria....?
Riku: ....
Erika: .... I see. He... took her... didn't he? Your uncle.... Vortex....
Riku nodded.
Riku: Where's father...?
Erika: He.... got taken.... away.... Urgh!
Riku: ! Hang on, Mother! We can get you to a hospital, heal you!
Erika: N-No.... my time.... is over..... Don't fret over the un...avoidable....
Chack: I'll just wait outside.
Chack left the rubble.
Riku: Mother, don't say that! There is more important stuff than dying! You can't die yet! You... you just can't!
Erika: .... Don't worry.... just know.... that help can come.... in unexpected w-ways.... There.... is one thing.... you must do.... though...
Riku: Hm?
Erika: You.... must save.... your Sister. G-Go.... to Mt.... silver. A friend.... will show you.... the way... to light.... To peace.... Do not worry.... about Your.... father.....
Riku: M-Mother....
Erika: And... just.... know.... that I.... will....always.... be with... you.... in your.... heart.... your.... memories.... and don't forget.... that I...........
Erika closed her eyes. She was dead, as her body disapparated into Light. Her body disappeared.
Riku: Mother.... N-No.... Mother...... Grr..... Those.... monsters.... THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!! I'll make sure their blood is covered into my blade!
Chack: A-Ah! What is that! R-Riku!
Riku ran outside, to see a giant robot was outside, waiting for them.


(Phew, that was a little too emotional for me, i think.)
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#319
Pryce and Katherine scene was emotional!
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#320
Alucio suddenly found himself floating around in space.

"Where the heck am I?" is what he would've said if he could actually say anything in space. It would've been a moronic question anyway, considering the fact that he's surrounded by stars and galaxies without any nearby celestial bodies in sight. But let us focus on the present circumstances, since Alucio is currently suffocating, what with being in space and all.

Then again, there's not much he can do about that, is there?
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