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Pokemon RP: Spirit Fire! Pt. 2

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#331
Oh, then I'm ready whenever! :D

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#332
willingmess posted...
Oh, then I'm ready whenever! :D

You can start right now but I won't be on it until tomorrow!
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#333
(I know.)

With his new stuff in hand, Bill decided to check out Unova, particularly the ancient underwater walls...

Bill: Maybe those hold the answer to what exactly the "arbiter" is, and how to become it....

And with that, Bill reaches that town where the info might be...

Gengar: Lol, that transition may not have been all that great, but it was passable for the pokemon series!

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#334
Zeke was wretched out of the water by Jace

Zeke: Thanks, but have some control man. There are innocent pokemon living in the bay!

He jumped off and hovered over the Bay, scanning for survivors. He sensed no auras...but a psychic signature of someone who could hide it really well.

Zeke: Incoming!

A number of masked figures rocketed out of the bay, flying under their own power. A dark-type aura swelled over Zeke and Jace as one of them with a Devil mask, who Zeke could tell was positioned as the leader, started to glow black. Zeke instantly tried to read his mind

???: Get the big guy, he's the greater threat. I'll take the shiny one myself. Ah, his name is Zeke. Hello Zeke. Aren't you a strong psychic? Oh, and hello to you too Togekiss. You're so optimistic it's adorable.

Zeke upped his focus

Zeke: Telepathic. Aura sensitive. Spirit fire active. Hello Spiritomb, don't be rude. You're not all that bad yourself. Bring it.

A wave of darkness washed over Zeke isolating him and the masked man, severing all connection Zeke could feel of the outside world.

Meanwhile, the other elite soldiers took up battle positions against Jace. Each of them activating a spirit fire

(Sorry, I'm splitting us up a lot because I'm not around often enough to have people waiting on me.

Try to stretch your fight out a bit Proto, because I'm running out of things to throw at you =P Bill can com in and wipe the floor with these guys too, I don't mind, but leave my masked guy alive please, I want a nemesis)
Sound good?

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#335
RIKU'S Story
Riku ran towards the Robot.
Chack: What is that...?!
Riku: This looks like what my father described as of one of Uncle's Weapon. Valkyrion!
Valkyrion: Must..... Destroy..... Tyranitar bearer..... Destroy.....
Riku: This thing thinks I'm my father?!
Valkyrion: Target sighted. Preparing to fire.
Riku: This thing was destroyed though.... So how is it still functioning?
Riku dodged a laser.
Chack: Think we should run?!
Riku: This thing is wounded. We might be able to take it down!
Riku turned into Garchomp, and ran towards Valkyrion.
Chack: *Sigh* Why do i end up in these messes?
Chack turned into Keldeo, and followed Riku.
Riku clawed Valkyrion's leg with dragon Claw, but was swatted away by it's foot. Chack used Hydro Pump on the Leg, but to no avail.
Valkyrion: Destroy....
Riku saw a large Missile coming towards him. He jumped over it, but was punched into the Wall. Before he could react, he got blasted by a Dark Blast.
Chack: Gah, that's going to hurt.
Chack used Secret Sword on Valkyrion, but it didn't do much to the Robot.
Riku: Dang it.... why isn't anything working?!
Valkyrion: Initiating Shadow Processor.
Riku saw Several Shadow Pokemon appear. a Sneasel, a Groudon, a Salamance, a Dewott, a Tyranitar, and a few others.
Riku: These are Shadow Pokemon based on My Father's group when he faced this thing, 20 years ago!
Chack: But he beat this thing, right?!
Riku: Yeah.... (But he sacrificed himself with the Light Purging Spell, Credillylad.)
Garchomp: (I can't speak for Tyler's actions. Do what you must, and Quickly!)
Riku: (Right.)
Riku dodged a Dark Pulse, and Flamethrowered The Shadow Sneasel. It disappeared.
Chack: Take this!
Chack hydro pumped the Shadow Groudon, then used Secret sword on it. The Shadow Groudon stomped on the ground, causing a tremor, but disappeared after another Hydro Pump.
Valkyrion: Open Fire.
Riku and Chack both Dodged several Lasers. Chack begun using Secret sword on the Tyranitar, while Riku clashed with Dewott. Riku used Thunder Fang on Dewott, and it disappeared. Tyranitar followed.
Chack: One left.
Riku: Right.
Riku ran and used Ice Fang on the Salamance. the Salamance disappeared.
Valkyrion: Shadow Clones defeated. Does not Compute. System Error.
Several Dark Aura's appeared around Riku and Chack.
Riku: what is this?
The Aura's glowed, and turned into Light Aura. They all flew into Valkyrion's head, damaging it.
Valkyrion: Error. Error. Shield Down. Shield Down. Error. Error.
Riku: Now's our time to strike!
Chack: Right.
Chack jumped onto a Cliff, and jumped toward's Valkyrion's head, and Used Sacred Sword on the Head.
Valkyrion: Readying Hyper Beam.
Riku climbed up on Valkyrion, and pierced through Valkyrion's Armor with Dragon Claw.
Valkyrion: Error. Error. Central System damaged.
Riku: (Here Goes!)
Riku transformed into Normal Form, unsheathed his Sword, and struck it into Valkyrion's Chest.
Riku: Now!
Riku turned into Garchomp, still clutching the sword, and used Flamethrower, and the fire blew into Valkyrion's chest.
Valkyrion: Error. Error. System Damaged. Activating Self Destruct. 10...
Riku: That Ain't good!
Riku grabbed his sword, jumped onto the Ground, and Ran.
Riku: It's going to explode! Run!
Chack: Uh, Right!
Chack followed.
Valkyrion: 1.
Riku heard an Explosion, and looked. Valkyrion was sinking into the Ocean once more.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#336
Awww.... I thought Bill was your nemesis...

Or is he more of a rival?

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#337
willingmess posted...
Awww.... I thought Bill was your nemesis...

Or is he more of a rival?

He's the rival. I want a giovanni for my story, and I already have a gary oak.
Sound good?

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#338
I was sorta hoping to be the eventual Giovanni, to reduce the amount of group stratification...

But hey, I fully understand wanting your own villain.

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#339
willingmess posted...
I was sorta hoping to be the eventual Giovanni, to reduce the amount of group stratification...

But hey, I fully understand wanting your own villain.

Well there's the group story and then there's the story I had in mind when I started writing Zeke. If I didn't have my own story, I'd fall off this RPG so easily. Keeps me motivated to come back. Once I get some more free time (probably in 2 weeks or so) I'll be back in full anyways. Don't take it personally at all.
Sound good?

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#340
Sorry for my absence but my wi-fi was out due to the floods in Calgary. Don't believe me? Search it up on the internet.
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