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Pokemon RP: Spirit Fire! Pt. 2

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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#401
Sorry, I was out of town. Back into it...slowly though it's late here for me.

By the time Zeke had freed himself form the void, the Masked Man was long gone. The battle field that was once a pleasant vacation spot is now scarred and blackened by explosions and the bodies of mannequin soldiers.

He reached out for aura, trying to sense his previous adversary, but with no luck. He did however, sense a different aura of darkness speeding towards the ruins.

Oh hey, psychic message.

Zeke, it's Kris. We got stomped by a Conquest army. Everyone is alive, but pretty worse for wear. We are currently taking shelter in Ari's village. The armies seem to have left us alone here. The rest of the Order is on alert, and will come automatically if they don't hear from me within three days. I don't think we've been identified as there were no humans in the army we fought. I will attempt a divination in the mean time, and I will contact you if anything new arises. -Kris

Now there's the choice. Regroup with the Order, help Undella Town rebuild, or finish off in the Ruins and possibly run into Bill again.

Zeke chose the fourth option. He called out to Kris for a mass Teleport.
Sound good?

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#402
Don't forget Jace is unconscious y'all.
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User Info: -Chak-

4 years ago#403
I don't post on Gamefaqs, Gamefaqs posts for me
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#404
To 450?
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#405
Outside, in Lacunosa, the three siblings discussed recent events.

Garvis: "Our grandmother is an angel. Our father, fused with Kyurem, is locked away within this stone, dormant."
Lila: "So much to take in."
Henry: "Should we call Mom? So she could be updated?"
Garvis: "I agree."

They went to a phone booth, and dialed their mother's cell. The phone ringed, and Haunter joined them.

Haunter: "Such a s-safe town. I like i-"
Garvis: "Ssh! She's on. Hello?"
Gloria: "Hi Garvis! How has your adventure been?"
Garvis: "It's been fine, we're in Lacunosa Town."
Gloria: "Neat."
Garvis: "Also...we found Dad...kinda."
Gloria: "Hmm?"
Garvis: "Well...we met our grandmother, who turned out to be an angel. She told us Dad was safe...but dormant within this grey spherical stone."
Gloria: "Oh. Is there any way to awaken him?"
Garvis: "Not that we know of. We're headed towards Opelucid, and Dragonspiral Tower to find answers."
Gloria: "..."
Garvis: "...Mom?"
Gloria: "I hope you sucees honey. careful."

She hung up, leaving an unerved Garvis putting the phone up. He looked at the grey stone, worn like a necklace, resting on his chest. The faint cold aura chilled him.

Garvis: "That reaction sure was weird."
Henry: "Let's go, to Opelucid. It's just across the nearby Village Bridge."
Lila: "Past there! Ooh, I've always wanted to taste a Village Sandwich! I hear they're the best sandwiches in Unova!"

She ran off towards the west, leaving the others scampering to catch up.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#406
Darn it! Nobody's posting!

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#407
(I won't let this die...not yet.)

Village Bridge

A simple, olden, yet charming locale, with a tennis court at the east end, and a basketball court on the west end. Various performers demonstrated their talents at the bridge, with their combined efforts bestowing a relaxing melody upon the ears. Lila jumped in delight, as Garvis and Henry caught up.

Garvis: "So, Sis, why are you so happy we're at this place?"
Lila: "You'll see, you'll see!"

She hustled on over the bridge, to one of the buildings situated by the large stone walls preventing people from jumping off. Upon entering, the aroma of cooked Berries, toasted toast, and other sandwich ingredients enticed humans, hybrids, and Pokemon alike. A humble chef came from the kitchen.

Chef: "Greetings, visitors! Did you come for some sandwiches?"
Lila: "Yes please yes please! I brought Berries!"

She took out a small pouch, and emptied the contents. A Sitrus Berry, a Grepa Berry, a Watmel Berry, a Tamato Bery, and a Pecha Berry.

Chef: "Five sandwiches coming up!"

He took the berries, and scampered into the kitchen, plopping bread into the toaster, finely slicing the berries, and prepping other ingredients.

Henry: "Um...there are four of us. You, Garvis, me, and Haunter. Why five?"
Lila: "Oh, you'll see!"

Garvis simply shrugged.

Garvis: It's odd how excited she suddenly got. She must really like Village Bridge.

The Chef came back with five Village Sandwiches, each wrapped in a bio-degradable wrapper.

Chef:" Pleasure to be of service!"
Henry: "Wait, we don't pay?"
Chef: "You bring the Berries, I supply the smiles. That's the magic!"

The Chef quickly turned attention to a girl and her Krokorok as the four left.

Haunter: "Is this what the excitement's for?"
Lila: "Just wait!"

Lila guided them down to the ground, and showed them a door affixed to the bridge.

Lila: "Come in! She's open to visitors!"
Garvis/Henry/Haunter: "W-Who?"
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"I like my weapons how I like my music...HEAVY and METAL." -Mordekaiser
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