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C/D this game will please a large number of fans.

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  3. C/D this game will please a large number of fans.

User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#1
C. This game has been hyped up more than any other pokemon game. I know you can't please everyone, but this game sure as hell will make 99% of them happy.
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User Info: FuneralCake

3 years ago#2
99% of them? Nope.
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User Info: george15gamer

3 years ago#3
D. Haters are always going to hate. Personally, I'm looking forward to it. Every generation Pokemon gets better and better for me.
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User Info: Enferolunos

3 years ago#4
Large is an incredibly vague word
In this case, I choose to interpret it as 2/3, and say C
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User Info: NekoHime64

3 years ago#5
Ha ha, no. Because of this whole Fairy hype, half of the fans will be unhappy if it exists and the other half will be unhappy if it doesn't, barring like 15% who are indifferent.
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  3. C/D this game will please a large number of fans.

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