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Why do so many people seem to hate the fourth gen now?

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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#51
Because it was bad and deserves the backlash, whereas 3 being the best will continue to be scorn by tasteless Gen IV homers (not all of them, but 3 definitely gets more hate than 4, not even going to lie). And yes, Gen III gets a ton of love, but it also gets a ton of hate.
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User Info: MetaCyclone

4 years ago#52
Because TC they arent true fans, but bandwagon followers. The real fans actually stands up for the gens who are insulted upon or gives a valid explaination on why they dont like that gen, due to many trolls simply saying "gen this sucks"

Ex from 2 years : gen 3 sucked due to water route and the villians were horrible. Trolling, you knew well that hoenn was a water based region, in which is why team Magma and Aqua existed. One wanted to flood hoenn, while the other wanted to turn it into a wasteland. As i said to them before, try harder.

Now gen 4's dislike is the regions diffircult get arounds; needing hm slaves. And the designs sucked. In which, sinnoh was made as a challenging region. That's why Cynthia is champion. And gen 4's designs suck???
Okay, i didnt like the design of the MC cause he reminded me of a french bag, but the pokemon were actually fabulous. Way better than gen 5's designs imo
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User Info: InhaledCorn

4 years ago#53
The only problems I had with Gen 4 was the lack of Fire-types available in-game (in the first two) and how dang-much you needed them! Freaking everyone and their mother had a Bronzor with Levitate making my Torterra's Earthquake completely useless! Also, I was a little disappointed by how much of the Sinnoh-dex was full of new evos to old Pokemon (and many weren't even available before the Elite Four).

At least Platinum fixed some of the above problems.
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User Info: darkstar4221

4 years ago#54
miffie_1 posted...
I remember a few years ago people constantly slated the third gen. Now its the fourth. I think all the generations are fantastic.

What don't you like about DPP and why? Or what did you like?

My main problem with gen 4 is that in order to use wifi you had to set your wireless security to WEP. Most people use WPA for their wifi security, and that is a problem. That is why hardly anyone plays gen 4 anymore, there is no online battles in Gen 4. Platinum did not address this issue which makes it a piece of garbage just like D/P was.

Since wifi is very important in Pokemon D/P/P if you don't set your wireless security to WEP, you are missing out on a lot. There is no reason to play gen 4.

User Info: kingjam1

4 years ago#55
Gen 3 Fanboys need something to hate and pick on Diamond/ Pearl. To be fair Diamond/ Pearl wasn't that good though still more enjoyable than any Hoenn game.
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User Info: Zaphoon

4 years ago#56
Personally what I disliked was the pokemon, alot of them were forgetable, and either pre-evolves, or added 3rd evolves. I did like the story! and all the mechanics of it, but I based gens of the pokemons they bring, hence why I like 5 over 4. 3 and 2 still regarded high on my list,

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#57
4 and 5 are my favorite generations.
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User Info: InfernalDragon5

4 years ago#58
I'm going to analyze them from a mechanics standpoint and not "but t3h pokes R stupid!" standpoint.

First, RSE was absolutely terrible. The game was ironically just a RBY remake that they could cash in on because Gen 1 and 2 were no longer being sold in stores and emulators weren't around yet. RSE neglected all of the changes gen 2 made in favor on the same 8 gyms -> e4 formula as RBY except they had to throw in the box legendary somehow into the plot and it really was just unbalanced. Ho-oh and lugia didn't unbalance GSC as much since they were weak offensively and you had to go way out of your way to catch them, buy kyogre and groudon could fire off powerful STABs off of a 150 base power stat and in Kyogre's case, got an extra boost from the rain and the ability to use Thunder effectively.

The biggest dissapointment of RSE however was the lack of a 2nd region. As a kid I literally speed ran through the game just to see what the 2nd region was. Hoenn itself was pretty terrible, lots of washed out, bright colours, uninspiring music, routes were too long, too much water, and the game in general was way too easy even without the uuber.

DP had an entirely different set of problems. The game was made more challenging than gen 3 and now due to the existence of FR/LG the game actually had to live up to some expectations. The physical/special split was a defining moment in the post gen1/2 pokemon formula that changed the combat up for the better. In all, it was a huge improvement from gen 3. It added back in much of the innovations from Gen 2 such as the day/night system that solved Gen 3's problems of too many washed out, bright colors. It also had the most visual variety of any pokemon game with the rich, water color-esque battle backgrounds. HG/SS upon release were hailed as the definitively best games in the franchise.

DP's problems are mostly of the pacing nature. It is to date the slowest pokemon game by far. Just a random encounter with a zubat will set you back 40 seconds of your life. The running speed in this game is about the walking speed in gen 5. Menus take too long to open, dialogue takes too long, and battle animation take friggen forever. While it had some nice battle backdrops, the lack of Gen 5's animated battle sprites leaves gen 4's battles looking lifeless and lackluster.

Gen 5 came around and oddly enough for the first time the the franchise's life, people were in agreement that it was one of the best. It had the only story in the franchise that wasn't crap-level. People disliked that it left out some of HG/SS's innovations such as post game content, auto-run, and pokemon following you, and that some of the pokemon designs were bad, but that was it. It had the best pacing by far, the best story, the best gameplay (subjective), and the best visuals by far as well. All of these innovations add up to making gen 4 look quite lackluster.

User Info: ShadowSlash17

4 years ago#59
FuneralCake posted...

Personally, I loved 4th gen. It got me back into the series after RS, which I think are complete disasters. If it wasn't for DP, I probably wouldn't even be playing Pokemon anymore.

This is kinda the same for me... I played Ruby for a while but then I lost it, and completely forgot pokemon. A few months after the release of DP, my aunt got Diamond for me and it felt sooo much better than Ruby. I probably wouldve never looked back at Pokemon if it wasn't for DPP. Imo, gen 3 was good, but it wasn't memorable...
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

4 years ago#60
Honestly I've been playing Pokemon since 1998 and I've observed gen 4 getting more hate at the time of release than any other generation, so I don't get what the TC's trying to say here.
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