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Your thoughts on the Gym Leader - Day 8: Giovanni

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User Info: Rupin_Salesman

4 years ago#1
It's time to talk about the Gym Leader of Viridian City, the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni!

You can talk to him in relation to the games, anime, manga, whatever.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#2
Love him, simple as that. I've always liked Giovanni. His big plan wasn't to summon a legendary Pokemon and try to change the world with it. He took over Silph company, the company that literally makes Pokeballs and Potions and basically fuels the economy in the Pokemon world. Rule the world with money, that's why I've always liked Rocket.

Having him as a gym leader was also a pretty nice touch.
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User Info: Beidha

4 years ago#3
He's a badass. Pretty much everything that needs to be said.
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User Info: LOGlC

4 years ago#4
I loved watching Ash try to fight Giovanni's Mecha-Mewtwo in the Anime.
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4 years ago#5
He's cool
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User Info: Nidoprime

4 years ago#6
He uses one of the most awesome Pokemon teams ever.
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User Info: tiomasta

4 years ago#7
I liked how he was trying to secretly take over in the games, and how he was a gym leader but no one knew he was in team rocket, let alone the boss.

Also gets props for luckily being the first big villain in the anime and the one that gets to stay after one season with them if I'm not mistaken.
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User Info: BrayWyatt

4 years ago#8
Favorite leader of all time
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User Info: sandslash1

4 years ago#9
coolest villain

User Info: Maetch

4 years ago#10
He can be intimidating, but Giovanni isn't even close to being the be-all-end-all villain of the franchise:

*In the games, runs to his Gym to hide after losing twice to the same Trainer, then flees out of shame after losing to him a third time. Gets humiliated again by Ethan three years later, rubbing more salt in his already-festering mental wounds.

*Funds Mewtwo's creation in the anime, and all he actually does with such a powerful Pokémon is to have Mewtwo psychically immobilize wild Pokémon for easy capture (talk about a waste of potential).

*Spent the majority of his anime "appearances" being the object of Meowth's overexaggerated fantasies. What few times he appears in person is usually just to grumble and snap orders at his agents.
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