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My theory on Red's father

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User Info: matthewtheman

4 years ago#1
Now, a lot of people have wondered where Red's father is. The only line in the game where Red's father is mentioned is if you examine one of the TVs at the Celadon dept. store and Red says "A sports game! Dad'll like that!"
From this line, we cah infer that:
1. Given the line's tone, Red likely doesn't have any ill feelings towards his pa
2. Red knows his dad at least well enough to know he likes sports games
3. Given the future tent, Red will be seeing his dad sometime in the future
This leads me to conclude that you never see Red's father because he's at work all the time, like the dad in EarthBound, and may even have a job that requires him to travel long distances. He might even be a Pokémon trainer.
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User Info: airsoft246

4 years ago#3
your reasoning for him knowing him well enough bc he knows his dad likes sports means nothing. I know the stranger thats a male that just walked past me likes sports.

otherwise, you really havent covered any ground, besides pointing out they dont hate each other, and that potentially he is alive bc it is "dad'll/ dad will" and not "dad would like that", where he is potentially dead.

actually fine that last part is kinda helpful
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