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Another Charizard Topic, but wait, there's more!

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User Info: Azurinai

4 years ago#1
For starters, Charizard in the trailer now looks totally badass now that it is flying in its idle animation instead of munching on his dislocated jaw, so that's pretty cool. Definitely gonna find a way to use him. Also, with the ability to increase dodge and critical rate based on bonding, he might be more viable if only because of luck.

Apparently Talonflame evolves from Fletchling and can use Bravebird and most likely Double Kick and Blaze Kick simply because the information on the official site says they use powerful kicks.

Horde battles are going to the best way to EV Train and gain EXP. Crappy all target moves like struggle bug would definitely be useful here to mitigate damage taken, same with growl.

Sky battles are gonna be fantastic, as optional battles that yield high amounts of money and easy ways to rebattle opponents, getting what you need will be easier than ever before.

Skrelp reminds me of a Putrefish from DQM, someone mentioned it looked like something from dragon quest, just addressing that here.

Fairy types are going to lead the way into more mythical beasts and folklore type pokemon down the road, it's about time. Also, they are not gonna make anyone less manly, so calm yourselves you weak, stubborn fools, if you bother to read anything, you'd know it's more than pixie dust and sparkles.

Discuss anything you want here, just wanted to share my sleep deprived brain thoughts with you guys as some of this stuff should be apparent to others but not many has mentioned it or responds to it in other topics
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