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Why is Fairy type super effective against Dragons?

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User Info: warnerbroman

4 years ago#11
KillerMechanoid posted...
I really hope the Steel weakness is true because it would make sense.
Cold Iron>Fairies.

Oberon couldn't handle a bell.
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User Info: Half-Ghost

4 years ago#12
Noctus3 posted...
In fantasy and legends, blades and other MAGICAL weapons were blessed by special beings enabling dragons to be killed including fairies.

That makes sense. Maleficent was killed by a sword that was powered up by one of the fairies after all.

User Info: Aysander

4 years ago#13
Do I HAVE to type this example for the twentieth time? I'm actually starting to get tired of it...

Lady Nimue of the Lake is basically an Arthurian equivalent of the Water Fairies in other folklores; she blessed Excalibur with her magic, which enabled Arthur to slay the dragon. The sword used by his predecessor, Uther Pendragon, was also blessed by a fairy.

Brinsingamen, Freja/Freya's necklace was blessed by the king of the dwarves, it offers protection against various evil spirits and other magical creatures (AKA dragons)

Druandal was literally wielded by a Dragonslayer, and it was blessed, again, by a fairy.

Basically, Magic > Dragons, which is generally true in almost all forms of media.

User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#14
Because they're fabulous!

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#15
in tales Fairy Magic > Dragons.

Also according to the Pokebeach leak, and Pokemon Smash its weak to poison.
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User Info: Strain42

4 years ago#16
Oops, I meant aren't. Fairies usually AREN'T strong enough to take down the Dragons by themselves

Kinda changes the entire meaning on my earlier post xD
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