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Your favorite Pokemon of each type

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User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#61
Bump, because we only need one of these.
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User Info: rapscallion733

4 years ago#62
Normal - Granbull
Fire - Charizard
Water - Feraligatr
Grass - Sceptile
Electric - Blitzle
Flying - Braviary
Fighting - Primeape
Psychic - Xatu
Dark - Krookodile
Steel - Scizor
Poison - Skrelp
Ghost - Mismagius
Ice - Beartic
Bug - Scolipede
Rock - Tyranitar (TTar is Rock/Dark, right?)
Ground - Donphan
Dragon - Hydreigon
Fairy - Flabebe

Hope I'm not forgetting anybody
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User Info: OMNOMNOM782

4 years ago#63
hahaha I didn't see this topic so I started the exact same thing. Anyways here's mine:
Normal - Porygon-Z
Fire - Volcarona
Water - Starmie
Grass - Breloom
Electric - Jolteon
Flying - Archeops
Fighting - Lucario
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Umbreon
Steel - Scizor
Poison - Toxicroak
Ghost - Gengar
Ice - Cloyster
Bug - Heracross
Rock - Tyranitar
Ground - Gliscor
Dragon - Garchomp
Fairy - Gardevoir
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User Info: KefkaesqueXIII

4 years ago#64
Normal: Snorlax
Fighting: Lucario
Flying: Pidgeot
Poison: Nidoking .
Ground: Golurk
Rock: Gigalith
Bug: Butterfree
Ghost: Giratina
Steel: Metagross
Fire: Volcarona
Water: Relicanth
Grass: Torterra
Electric: Raichu
Psychic: Alakazam
Ice: Froslass
Dragon: Rayquaza
Dark: Darkrai
Fairy: Gardevoir
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User Info: Nintendo_Sabres

4 years ago#65
Normal: Slaking
Fighting: Heracross
Poison: NIdoking
Flying: Crobat
Ground: Donphan
Rock: Regirock
Bug: Volcarona
Ghost: Haunter
Steel: Aggron
Fire: Charizard
Water: Samurott
Grass: Treecko
Electric: Raikou
Ice: Glailie
Dragon: Rayquaza
Dark: Darkrai
Fairy: Flabebe

User Info: MrMaho

4 years ago#66
Normal - Porygon-Z
Fire - Blaziken
Water - Milotic
Grass - Leafeon
Electric - Manectric
Flying - Staraptor
Fighting - Machoke
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Sableye
Steel - Metagross
Poison - Venomoth
Ghost - Dusknoir
Ice - Weavile
Bug - Armaldo
Rock - Aggron
Ground - Garchomp
Dragon - Noivern
Fairy - Gardevoir
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User Info: tsunamisurfer08

4 years ago#67
Normal -Swellow
Fire - Camerupt (insert space so a banned word isn't created with the end of "Camerupt" and beginning of "water")
Water - Quagsire
Grass - Breloom
Electric - Rotom
Flying - Skarmory
Fighting - Lucario
Psychic - Gallade
Dark - Scrafty
Steel - Metagross
Poison - Venomoth
Ghost - Golurk
Ice - Glalie
Bug - Shedinja
Rock - Armaldo
Ground - Dugtrio
Dragon - Flygon

Leaving Fairy off until more are known.
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User Info: Goten55

4 years ago#68
I was thinking of making this very topic yesterday.

Normal - Lopunny
Fire - Chandelure
Water - Milotic
Grass - Lilligant
Electric - Luxray
Flying - Staraptor
Fighting - Toxicroak
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Absol
Steel - Metagross
Poison - Roserade
Ghost - Misdreavas
Ice - Froslass
Bug - Heracross
Rock - Corsola
Ground - Excadrill
Dragon - Flygon
Fairy - Sylveon
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User Info: RikudoSakurai

4 years ago#69
Normal - Dunsparce
Fire - Blaziken
Water - Suicune
Grass - Breloom
Electric - Luxray
Fighting - Toxicroak
Psychic - Lugia
Dark - Crawdaunt
Steel - Aggron
Poison - Nidoking
Ghost - Giratina
Ice - Froslass
Bug - Shedinja
Rock - Cradily
Ground - Groudon
Dragon - Rayquaza
Fairy - N/A

User Info: gamingrat

4 years ago#70
Normal - eevee
Fire - blaziken
Water - mAgikarp
Grass - shAymin
Electric - electivire
Flying - tAlonflame/sAlamAnce
Fighting - lucArio
Psychic - metAgross
Dark - dArkrai
Steel -jirachi
Poison - drapion
Ghost - giratinA
Ice - kyruem
Bug - heracross
Rock - Aggron
Ground - krookodile/gArchomp
Dragon - rayquAza
Fairy - gArdivoir
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