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English names of the recent Coro Coro leaks.

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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#1
Shishiko = Litleo
Furabebe = Flabébé
Kofukimushi and Kofuurai = Scatterbug and Spewpa

Pansy = Alexa and is Violas' older sister and a reporter
Toroba = Trevor(the one with orange hair) who wants to complete the Pokedex before anyone else
Tieruno = Tierno(the biggest friend/rival) is a dancer and wants to make a dancing Pokemon team
Sana = Shauna(the girl) who is energetic and searching for her own dream
Serena or Callum = Opposite gender rival, wants to become a powerful trainer.

Asame Town = Vaniville Town, the staring town
Hakudan City = Santalune City, the city Viola is gym leader of.
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User Info: Haku125

4 years ago#2
Ya know i kinda like flabébé. At first i didnt like its design but he's starting to grow on me
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#3
And the Ryhorn was confirmed to be an actual Ryhorn, lol.
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User Info: AceJay1230

4 years ago#4
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User Info: crunchy612

4 years ago#5
Aaww, i liked Xavier and Yvonne better.
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User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#6
Ironically, I named my character in White 2 "Trevor".
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