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Mewtwo, the three germs and the origin of pokemon ***SPOILERS***

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User Info: 0-taku

4 years ago#1
If youve been keeping up with pokemon x and y then its no surprised if you've seen the theory regarding the themes of the new legendary pokemon: xerneas, yvelta and the z pokemon.
If you dont know, the three legendary pokemon(posterboy pokemon) are based on the three germ layers: "A germ layer,ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, occasionally referred to as a germinal epithelium, is a group of cells, formed during animal embryogenesis."


Since mewtwo's appearance in the new movie and the reveal of his new forms, i have theorized that maybe x and y will deal with, not only mewtwo but the origins of pokemon which mew, being the prototype of pokemon, after the continents and sea have been layered out by groudon and kyogre. Mewtwo after all is a clone of mew, the embryo pokemon. I think this game will be gamefreak's chance to expand the origin story of the creation of the body of pokemon developed in pokemon red and blue. In RB(G and Y), red just learned that mewtwo is the clone of mew and that mew is one of the first pokemon. They will probably throw in the fairy type story in there with the origin story.

In other words, its possible that the three pokemon, poster boy pokemon, created mew. Or the other way around. What im not really sure of is which pokemon came first. But the latter is less believable since we can be sure that arceus created dialga, palkia and giratina, which brought forth space, time and antimatter. Which leads to groudon and kyogre and rayquaza coming into being later(water pressure, minerals on the ozone and magma). these events happened before the creation of mew.


They're just theories, and its fun to look at the origin story of pokemon. Its one of the enjoyable parts of playing the story. Also im being super nerdy about this, but im sure there are fans out there who enjoy the origin stories as well as me.
What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to disprove some stuff just don't be a know-it-all snob about it.
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  3. Mewtwo, the three germs and the origin of pokemon ***SPOILERS***

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