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Just some pokemon ideas I've had over the many years

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User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#1
I made up simple pokemon too, like a psychic dog with glasses...but I'm listing the more unusual ones. The names aren't the best but I had tons of fun making them

Also, I made up a "Magic" type a long time ago, which I would implement if I could, and basically overlaps with what is now Fairy it's pretty seamless switch to change the typing. And I put contests back in.

Rubburn/Carbond: Poison/Steel. Rubburn is a tire that comes in black (rare) and red (more common). Only the black one can evolve, and it does so when two reds are also in your party. Carbond is a trio of tires bonded to look like a CO2 molecule.

Ephalamp and Oozile: An Eelctric elephant with a streetlamp trunk, and a Poison weasel made of tar. Winnie the Pooh reference.

Lunibble: Fairy type moon rabbit

Vangiraffe: Electric giraffe/Van de graff generator

Ocelox/Servalox/Puzzlynx: Psychic type Cat with a chain link tail, based on Phoenix Wright's "Psyche-locks"

Parafinch: Normal/Flying finch that changes form based on which contest stat it's higher in. Based on Darwin's finches.

Bootide/Bassoul and Glubwub: Water type. Bootide is a fish in a boot, very common when fishing. It evolves into Bassoul, turning the boot into a double bass (the laces become strings). If Bootide levels up in a battle where it loses its held item, it drops the bass and evolves into Glubwub. Bassoul's ability increases the power of a move if it uses that same move in a row. Glubwub's ability guarantees a critical hit on a pokemon that's using the same move more than once in a row. Yes, I made a dubstep pokemon.

Frygid/Beykool/Icinge: Fire/Ice ice cream cake with candles. Becomes more common on your birthday.

Trikoteat/Trikotrap: Psychic/Poison. A small bedsheet ghost with a candy apple head. Holds a giant lollipop with a spiral on it that hypnotizes its prey. When it evolves, the candy apple turns into a jack-o-lantern and the lollipop doubles as a bear trap on a stick. Happy Halloween.

Blitzleigh: Steel/Psychic reindeer. It telekinetically controls reins lined with bell shaped rivets. On Christmas, you can find a special one with a red nose.

Dekarot/Jokarot or Acarot: The Card pokemon. Dekarot is fairy type. Females evolve into Jokarot, males to Acarot. Jokarot has Heart (Poison/Fairy) and Diamond (Rock/Fairy) formes. Acarot has Clover (Grass/Fairy) and Spade (Fighting/Fairy) formes. They all learn the Signature move "Shuffle" that changes their forme in or out of battle.

Porpoisear, Vanderwhal, and Belugaze: Fire porpoise, Electric narwhal, and Ice beluga. Not water type because they're not fish. They all learn surf though.

Amantias, Richaleaus, and Mythermes: Steel/Fighting, Steel/Water, and pure Steel respectively. Based on the legendary metals Adamantium, Orichalcum, and Mythril.

Felision, the Schrodinger's cat: It's ability randomly changes it's type between pure Normal or pure Ghost type every turn. It has a signature move that's Ghost type, but gets STAB if a normal or ghost type uses it. It has a second signature move that locks it into being Normal type.

Patricus, the Patriotic Pokemon: Fighting/Psychic Event Legendary that looks like a teddy bear. Depending on what you set your GTS country as, it would take on the color scheme and symbols of that country's flag. 'MURICA!

I'll post more in a bit
Sound good?

User Info: HHDeception

4 years ago#2
And then there was the time period I was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland...

Lagopin, the White Rabbit: Normal type. It's ability halves its speed, but makes two turns pass as one (ie. Thrash would last 1-2 turns before being paralyzed, but Skull Bash and Bounce are used immediately)

Cheshail, the Cheshire Cat: Ice/Fairy type that can't be hit by physical attacks in hail

Negato, the Mad Hatter: Dark type. A black cat that wears different hats to give its signature move a different typing. The move is always Dark type but it just acts as a different type if wearing a hat. Why a black cat? Well...

Loconejo, the March Hare: Fighting type. A lucky rabbit that uses different lucky charms to give its signature move a different secondary effect (paralysis, freeze, flinch, etc)

(The hats and charms are props for the Musical/Contests. You can use them out of battle on the above two).

Jubgem/Goldsnatch/Jabberocky: Dragon/Rock type. Starts as a dragon egg encrusted in gems, then grows from a baby dragon to an adult dragon. Based on a dragon that hoards precious gems and gold. Also based on the Jabberwocky.

Now for Legendary ideas:

Acider, Blodka, and Cinderale: Poison, Seel, and Fire pokemon respectively. These were pokemon created by the evil team as prototypes, and so they look like vehicles. Acider is a squid/diving bell, Blodka is a mantis/motorcycle, and Cinderale is a flaming bird/jet. Naming is an alcohol motif. I made these guys up before BW2, so I assumed there would be a third edition. In this edition, Blodka would be the cover legend and gain a Steel/Bug type forme that looks even more insectoid.

Tedameos, Polameos, and Grizzameos: Electric/Psychic, Electric/Water, and Electric/Fighting respectively. Based on a sun bear, polar bear, and grizzly bear. Eletric type because they're tied to another legendary. They have a Native American totem pole design to them.

Toxolute: Poison/Dark w/Levitate, the ultimate creation of the evil team. Looks like a mechanical mongoose floating in thick clouds of smog. It's signature is a Toxic Rain that makes poison type moves increase in damage, and nullifies Steel's poison immunity. It was made to defeat....

Vixolvent: Electric w/Levitate, a rainbow colored serpent. It is said to have provided the "spark of life" to all living things. The legend goes that the electric bears were brought to life by this pokemon's electricity. Sort of an homage to Ho-oh, and based on the Rainbow Serpent of Australian myth. It's signature is an electric move that can remove status conditions on itself, and double in base power if it does.

Lisardgy: Water/Ground w/Sap Sipper. A Serpent that was said to sculpt the bodies of all living things from mud. Counterpart to Vixolvent. Based on Yggdrasil...obviously. I took the naming convention of Arbok and Ekans.

Auraboros: Dark/Ghost serpent. When it bites its tail it forms a circle that creates portals to other worlds. It's the third part of the Serpent trio. Based on the symbol of Oroboros.

I put a fanfiction level of thought into these legendaries so...I'd better stop now. If you're interested I'll add more, but that's all I''m saying for now.
Sound good?
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