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possible retcon'd fairies discussion

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User Info: SpoonMan54321

4 years ago#1
Here's my list, in pokedex order

Butterfree: wouldnt be much of a point but it really always did look fairy-ish to me. bug/fairy

Clefairy: DUUUUUHHHHHHHHH, obviously cleffa/clefable as well.

Jigglypuff: already confirmed. igglybuff/wigglytuff obvious

Chansey: I actually really hope not since that throws so many things out of whack, but given chansey's general role and look being a fairy makes sense. happiny/blissey as well

Jynx: this one is reaching but it could happen. i'd rather Ice/fairy than psychic/fairy if this happens

Togepi: I will be absolutely shocked if he's not a fairy. togetic and togekiss will be fairy/flying, and togekiss will rock

Bellossom: Grass/Fairy, to further differentiate from Gloom

Marrill: already confirmed, azurrill and azumarrill expected

Celebi: also grass/fairy. I think this one is a MAJOR possibility

Beautifly: see butterfree

Gardevoir: Already confirmed. I would bet that ralts and kirlia stay pure psychic. gallade stays psychic/fighting.

Illumise: to differentiate from Volbeat, also it really looks like a fairy

Swablu: this would be a huge change that would be kind of awesome. swablu fairy/flying, altaria fairy/dragon. I always like the thought of combining types that are counters of each other.

Milotic: really look at it. that's the definition of a water/fairy, and so it leaves UU and goes back up where it belongs

Chimecho: never really made sense as a psychic type, chingling too of course

Luvdisc: just because we heart fairies

Jirachi: Steel/Fairy would be pretty nice

Bidoof: No. It won't.

Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf: they just don't look like psychics. never did. they look like fairies. I'd like to see them all switch to pure fairy rather than psychic/fairy.

Arceus: he'll get a fairy plate. thats about it.

Victini: outside chance for Fire/Fairy. I'd bet on no for this one

Audino: sincerely hope so

Lilligant: grass/fairy. petlil remains pure grass.

aaaand thats about it. It's a pretty long list and I'd be absolutely shocked if every single one of these happens. It's actually more likely that the only four that are changing are what's already confirmed. if i'm 100% right with this list, we'll have 35 fairy types from RBY to BW. 35 out of 649 isn't really reaching that far when you consider that:

649 (pokemon) /18 (types) =~ 36.

thoughts? additions? comments? mudkips?
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User Info: bratzboy

4 years ago#2
I'd be very happy if Bellossom and Altaria gained the fairy type :)

User Info: -Oath-

4 years ago#3
I would love if Altaria gained fairy. It makes sense.

User Info: yzman

4 years ago#4
Why do you think butterflies look like fairies? Those have 0% chance of happening.
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User Info: AaronHutch

4 years ago#5
maybe Minccino?
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#6
Butterfree: No
Clefairy: Yes
Jigglypuff: Already confirmed
Chansey: Probably
Jynx: No
Togepi: Yes
Bellossom: Probably
Marrill: Already confirmed
Celebi: Maybe
Beautifly: No
Gardevoir: Already confirmed
Illumise: Doubtful
Swablu: No
Milotic: Maybe
Chimecho: Probably not
Luvdisc: >_>
Jirachi: Maybe (I prefer its current typing though)
Bidoof: No. It won't.
Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf: Probably
Arceus: he'll get a fairy plate. thats about it.
Victini: Doubtful
Audino: Probably
Lilligant: Probably
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User Info: bratzboy

4 years ago#7
yzman posted...
Why do you think butterflies look like fairies? Those have 0% chance of happening.

Yeah, if Vivillion isn't a fairy I dont think the other butterflies will be either.

User Info: perfectchaos83

4 years ago#8
I'd like for Benette and Darkrai to be Fairy even if it is very unlikely.
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User Info: MagikarpRules

4 years ago#9
First, I don't get why you think butterflies should get the Faity type either.

Second, Illumise and Volbeat are counterparts for each other in more or less the same way the Nidorans are. I don't think it would make sense to make one Fairy type and not the other.

Third, I'm not convinced they will change a Pokemon that already has 2 types.

User Info: Bountyan

4 years ago#10
Clefairy line (Fairy)
Chansey line (Normal/Fairy)
Togepi line (Fairy->Fairy/Flying)
Snubbull line (Normal/Fairy)
Misdreavus line (Ghost/Fairy)
Celebi (Grass/Fairy)
Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
Milotic (Water/Fairy)
Glalie (Ice/Fairy)
Luvdisc (Water/Fairy)
Uxie (Psychic/Fairy)
Mespirit (Psychic/Fairy)
Azelf (Psychic/Fairy)
Cresselia (Psychic/Fairy)
Victini (Fire/Fairy)
Audino (Normal/Fairy)
Alomomola (Water/Fairy)
Meloetta (Fairy/Psychic, Fairy/Fighting)
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