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Official Pokemon XY friends tier list

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User Info: RivaISoul

4 years ago#1
No particular order within tiers.

+Next door neighbor, already bro material
+Great fashion sense
+Ability to remove hat
10/10, would hang out with

+Casual enough to give you a nickname
+Great fashion sense
+Confident with her appearance, based off her clothing choice
10/10, would hang out with

+Already has the goal to complete the Pokedex in mind
+Cool enough to share Pokedexes with everyone, just to challenge himself
+Knows that the hair makes him look slightly feminine, but it gets him the sloots left, right and center.
10/10, would hang out with

-Awful haircut and clothing choice
-Is so insecure about his appearance that he adopts a crappy dancing gimmick in a desperate attempt to get people to like him
-Does not realize that people are laughing with his dancing, rather at his dancing
-Shirt contains a Pokemon shaped like food
0/10, would probably beat him up with Calem, Serena, Shauna and Trevor
I love being the Villain

User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#2
haha fatboy getting murked

trevor is fugly as well doe
<3 *Yao Ming* <3<3 *Yao Ming* <3

User Info: kaonohiokala

4 years ago#3
Free Shauna

i wanna use her in OU
"I am champion of Bellator. I am face of Bellator now. Who want with belt? Come on with cage. I am beat you. -Alexander Shlemenko
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